We’re always up to something good at Atlantic Seafood Market!

We’re always up to something good at Atlantic Seafood Market!

Zagat Review

"Incredibly wonderful seafood. Order all your fresh and frozen fish from them. Known for their cocktail shrimp. It does not get better than this. This is definitely the place to go when you are entertaining and want the very best.” -Susan Monday, Zagat

Kippers and Scungilli – Two Delicious Seafood Sensations

While looking for new and delicious seafood snacks to try, you can really let your feet, mind, and eyes wander when you step into our little Old Saybrook, CT seafood market. This is especially true when you browse among our specialty seafood. You may already have a favorite that you're drawn to, or you may be feeling adventurous and feel like diving into uncharted waters for a new snack or meal. If that's the case, we suggest you try out some kippers and our famous scungilli salad.

We'll get the ball rolling by talking a little bit about kippers. A kipper is another term for a herring that has been sliced in half lengthwise (though the halves are not separated) and gutted. They are typically salted for preservation purposes and subsequently smoked to perfection through the use of wood chips. Oak is generally the wood of choice, but other grilling woods such as hickory, cedar, and maple may be used.

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