Delicious Gluten Free Foods Are Now Available at Atlantic Seafood Market

Delicious Gluten Free Foods Are Now Available at Atlantic Seafood Market

Big news at Atlantic Seafood Market - we're now offering a full line of healthy and delicious gluten-free foods at our Old Saybrook seafood market. Try some of our gluten free muffins (which are also dairy and grain free), our gluten-free soups, gluten-free lobster basil bread, and all of our gluten-free, flavor-packed snacks & meals today!

Zagat Review

"Incredibly wonderful seafood. Order all your fresh and frozen fish from them. Known for their cocktail shrimp. It does not get better than this. This is definitely the place to go when you are entertaining and want the very best.” -Susan Monday, Zagat

Forty Final Fun Fish Facts For ’14

Since we love learning about fish almost as much as we love cooking and eating it, it only naturally follows that we enjoy picking up bits and pieces of information about the creatures of the deep. Just like we've already done in the first two installments of this series, we're about to introduce you to forty fun, obscure, and surprising facts about our sea-dwelling friends.

1. The Man O' War, one of the most feared poisonous creatures in the ocean, isn't a species in and of itself. Each specimen is comprised of several different organisms living together symbiotically.

2. The Archerfish gets its name from its ability to shoot down insect prey above the surface of the water using its uniquely-shaped mouth to shoot them down with droplets of water.

3. When in captivity and provided with careful supervision of their environment, a hermit crab can live more than 30 years.

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