Atlantic Seafood Among Yankee Magazine’s Top Ten Best New England Seafood Markets

We’re honored to have been named one of the Top Ten Best New England Seafood Markets by Yankee Magazine. Scroll below the image and see what they had to say about us!

Top Ten New England Seafood Markets

Yankee Magazine Weighs in on Atlantic Seafood Market

“This market is the seafood gem of the lower Connecticut River valley. Owned by Lisa Feinman, everything here is as fresh as it can be. CIA-trained resident chef Jerry Doran and his staff cut all their fish fresh and make all their prepared seafood delights from scratch every day. Late spring is a good time to pay a visit, when the shad are running up the Connecticut River and fresh shad and shad roe are in plentiful supply.”

Atlantic Seafood - Zagat Rated Seafood Market in CT

Zagat Review

"Incredibly wonderful seafood. Order all your fresh and frozen fish from them. Known for their cocktail shrimp. It does not get better than this. This is definitely the place to go when you are entertaining and want the very best.” -Susan Monday, Zagat

Best seafood platters in CT - Atlantic Seafood Market

We’ve Recently Been Featured in USA Today

Nationally syndicated newspaper USA Today recently published an article about local seafood markets and the special perks customers are treated to when visiting them. Locally sourced seafood, in-depth knowledge about products and their benefits, and unbeatable freshness are all points that this article touched upon.

Sustainable food & practices as well as having the best fitting seafood for every season are additional reasons why local, independent seafood markets give you something that the big chains just can't match. We're humbled to have been featured in this article along with some of the other best seafood markets in America.

The Clambake – Summer’s Movable Feast

One of my cherished childhood memories is of the annual clambake held by a group of which my mother was secretary. The bustle of the gathering crowd. The smell of seaweed. The steam wafting through the air. The dangerously heavy paper plates as we’d sit down to indulge in the feast. Most who grew up on the New England coast share such memories, since the clambake is a long – standing New England custom. Though the clambake began on the beach, it has also moved into back yards and kitchens – not to mention across the country!

Origins on the Beach

Few realize that our New England shores have been hosting clambakes for thousands of years. Beginning approximately two thousand years ago, tribes of Native Americans in the area such as the Wabanaki and Wampanoag cooked lobsters and clams in holes made in beach sand. The pits were needed since Native Americans didn’t have the huge pots that otherwise would have been necessary.

To read more, visit the Atlantic Seafood Market Blog.


1400 Boston Post Road

Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475

Phone: (860) 388-4527


On Boston Post Road on the corner of School House Road and Old Post Road, just south of I-95 and west of the Old Saybrook High School.