Seafood Party Platters Are Available at Atlantic Seafood Market

Seafood Party Platters Are Available at Atlantic Seafood Market

With the holidays approaching, you're sure to have some food planning to do, even if you're just a guest. Be the life of the party with our Holiday Seafood Platters.

Zagat Review

"Incredibly wonderful seafood. Order all your fresh and frozen fish from them. Known for their cocktail shrimp. It does not get better than this. This is definitely the place to go when you are entertaining and want the very best.” -Susan Monday, Zagat

Bizarre Foods – Seafoods, That is

We could eat clams, oysters, trout, salmon, mussels and so on every day and never get tired of them (who couldn't?). Despite this, every now and then we like to mix things up and take a little walk on the wild side of the seafood world by diving head-first into new and unfamiliar culinary territory. We'd like to share that passion with you. We'll do just that by way of introducing you to some of the lesser-known, but still greatly delicious seafood dishes you may have never before heard of. We'll get the party started with lobster innards.

Lobster Innards

Have you ever taken a look inside of the body of a lobster after you've removed the delicious tail? If so, you've probably seen a lot of green stuff and may not have been quite sure what it was. This green paste-like substance is called tomalley, and it acts as both the liver and pancreas in every lobster. The tomalley is edible and is an ingredient in many different sauces and lobster-based soup stocks. However, the FDA does warn against consuming it, since as the lobster's liver, it's responsible for filtering elements the lobster absorbs which could potentially be harmful. With that being said, it is generally safe to consume the tomalley, but whether or not you want to take the risk is a decision only you can make.

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