Ginger Tilapia

Ginger Tilapia

Give your taste buds a delicious change of pace with our Ginger Tilapia. Bursting with flavor, our Ginger Tilapia is just one more item in our repertoire that solidifies us as offering the best seafood in Connecticut.

Explore our full meal menu here.

Side Dishes
Side Dishes are subject to seasonal change, but some of the side dishes offered include roasted potatoes, wild rice, rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables, carrots with lemon grass and dill, green beans with almonds, and many more.

The main dish and sides come in individually vacuum-sealed plastic pouches. This is done to seal in the juices and maintain optimum flavor.

Cooking Instructions
Either place in boiling water on the stove top for 10 minutes, or poke a couple of holes in the pouch, place on a microwaveable dish, and cook on high for 3 and a half to 4 minutes.

$9.99 per person for the full meal. $6.99 for individual entrees.

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