Atlantic Seafood’s “Chefs Invitational” is Right Around the Corner…


…and we want your input!

Respond to this blog post by commenting below. Tell us the following:

  1. What seafood dishes would you love to learn how to cook?
  2. Which area restaurant can make seafood sing?
  3. Who are your favorite local chefs that you would love to be a part of this event?

Event Details

Beginning in March, we will hold seafood cooking classes taught by local chefs. Once a week for six weeks. Each session costs $25 and is limited to 30 guests.

You’ll watch the expert chef prepare a knee-buckling seafood feast and learn how to do it yourself. Meanwhile, our staff is cooking the meal for each guest. So at the end, you get to eat the complete meal!

Every session always fills up — and quickly! You’ll want to reserve your spot(s) soon by emailing us at or calling us at (860) 388-4527.

Comment below to tell us which local chefs we should invite and which seafood dishes you want to learn how to cook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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9 Comments → “Atlantic Seafood’s “Chefs Invitational” is Right Around the Corner…”

  1. Lois Glazer

    Really liked Tyler from Copper Beach Inn!

  2. Joanne Donovan

    The cod with the potatoes at Bar Bouchon (soon to be Bar Bouchee) in Madison is crispy and delectable. I believe that the chef used to be at Aspen and – so – has a great pedigree. I love these events and can’t wait to see your final roster.

  3. Mike

    I used to work in the Gaming Industry and my favorite dish came from fine dining at Isle of Capri in Natchez Ms. I believe it was a grilled Salmon Filet topped with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat and Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes in life, less is more and this sage like expression certainly applies to seafood.

    Local Restaurants: The Old Gris in Essex used to carry the dish from time to time but its changed hands & menus and was lost in the shuffle. Seamens Inn in Mystic CT had a similar dish with Swordfish, Jumbo Lump & Compound Butter but they have “changed hands” as well. I suppose nothing is forever but it should serve as a reminder to patron our favorite local establishments while we still may…

  4. Lucy Wilkinson

    Favorite restaurants in the area for seafood besides Chef Tyler at Pip’s…Liv’s, Gabrielle’s, Cafe Routier, Octagon, River Tavern, Azu/Bravo Bravo. There is also the seasonal Blue Oar on the CT river. Billy Grant from Bricco and Grant’s in West Hartford. Max Fish in Glastonbury and Max Oyster Bar in West Hartford. Maybe this will help.

  5. David Zita

    I need the dates!

  6. Frank Kuszpa - Guilford CT

    I was very sorry I had to miss these events last year. I had an extended business trip to India. So I will be there this year unless any wild horses hold me back (see any wild horses on the shoreline lately).

    One chef and restaurant that really impresses me (and there are several on the shoreline) is Liv’s in Old Saybrook – great seafood and ideas. Or Gabrielles in Centerbrook (although not as much emphasis on seafood), Cafe Routier where I am attending a spanish wine tasting with my Tasters Guild International group and Bar Bouchard in Madison or from a sushi type approach, Zhangs in Madison (and also in Old Saybrook, but I know the sushi chef in Madison much better).

    Exciting to think that I will learn a little trick or two about seafood and things I can do at home.

  7. Joshua Katz

    I think Suneil (sp?) of Creative Cooking would be a good chef to invite.

  8. Joshua Katz

    How about Dave Forrest from Oxford Academy?

  9. mark g

    How about a sushi chef from one of CT’s better sushi restaurants like Ginza/Feng?

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