Why Buy Fresh Fish?


Freshness matters. Quality matters.

You can smell it — the clean, crisp smell of the sea. You can see the beautiful sheen of scales or the rich hue of the thick filet.

Most importantly, you can taste the difference when you choose fresh ingredients.

Buying fresh seafood matters. Why settle for anything else? Why pay for the privilege of eating bland food, or food with additives?

Buying fresh means purchasing fish or seafood at its most flavorful. You can taste how it’s supposed to taste. Paired with the right recipe, it can be a beautiful thing.

Certainly, that’s how it’s done in the finest restaurants. Those chefs and kitchen staff go all over to find the freshest ingredients to serve to their guests.

Buying fresh means supporting the local economy. Your friends and neighbors are out there on the waters pulling in the best the waters have to offer and delivering Old Saybrook seafood.

Buying fresh means buying a little piece of mind. You don’t have to wonder what those weird ingredients you can’t pronounce are made of. Or how those fish can be eaten so long after being caught. It’s just fish –- simple, natural, delicious.

Buying fresh is also more eco-friendly. You eat the fish that is available at that time of year and in this part of the world. Think of the resources it takes to bring some exotic fish to your doorstep months out of season and from thousands of miles away.

If you’re going to eat fish, you might as well enjoy it. Cultivate a taste for what fish is supposed to taste like. You’ll find that you may never look back.

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