Getting to Know Your Fish Market


In the old days, people knew people.

They befriended local vendors and could rely on them for the inside scoop and high-quality services.

That idea of having a preferred provider is less common now. Sure, you still have *your* doctor, *your* accountant and *your* mechanic.

But what about *your* butcher, *your* greengrocer and *your* fish seller?

Something’s lost when you don’t know your food sellers. You lose their expertise and skill.

You also lose that implicit guarantee behind each sale. You’re not trusting a brand. You’re trusting your neighbor.

Consider all the ways knowing a local expert helps you.

The folks at a top-notch seafood market in Old Saybrook will be able to tell you which fish are in season. They can tell you what fish is particularly good in the most recent catch.

They can let you in on the best time to purchase a certain type of seafood or give advice about how to pull together the perfect fish dish. They can tell you when you can shop for price and when it’s worth it to pay a little extra.

They can also explain if there’s any truth to the latest scare or miracle claim about the fish you’re about to buy.

Your Old Saybrook seafood vendor will care about delivering the freshest picks possible and know where it came from. They can answer questions about how it was caught.

Today, it’s common to outsource any question to the Internet. What’s going on with XYZ? I’ll search online. What’s the best way to serve clams? I’ll read a few blogs.

Instead of leaving it up to strangers, develop a relationship with your neighborhood seafood vendor. Shop local and get to know the folks behind the counter. Take advantage of their years of experience.

So when you have a question about seafood, you can say, “I’ll ask my people in the know.”

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