What Foods Go With Fish?


A great piece of fish can stand alone, but why let it?

There are loads of delicious sides that turn that tasty morsel into an all-out meal. The trick is knowing what goes with it. The answer: almost everything.

Don’t be afraid to pair your seafood with hearty starches such as potatoes or pasta. Baked or roasted potatoes can be a great choice. A flavorful seafood pasta can be fantastic.

There’s a whole world of rice and seafood combinations from Japanese cuisine.

They call it surf-and-turf for a reason. Meats and seafood blend very well together.

The classic steak and lobster combination is a surefire winner. Bacon can pack a ton of flavor when paired with scallops. Ham helps give some gumbos their punch.

Many greens can mix well with seafood. You can use spinach in dips with shrimp, or as part of a lasagna. Kale can go well with salmon. Asparagus, green beans and stir fry recipes work well.

Fish works well grilled and so do light fruits and vegetables – tomato, onion and peppers.

Keep it casual and combine fried fish and French fries. Fried shrimp are great with a little tartar or cocktail sauce.

Smoked fish can go well with cream cheese.

That’s just what’s next to it on the plate. White wine or vodka can be a classy complement to your food, depending on the dish.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That perfect side dish, spice or flavor might be hiding under your nose.

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