Inventive Ways to Cook Fish


Some recipes call for you to look beyond the pan when cooking your fish. Here are a few ideas for your next meal.

Putting fish in parchment paper traps all of the steam and juices. You can bake or grill fish this way. Some fish to use are salmon, tilapia and sea bass.

Not only do you have some amazing flavor, but the presentation of opening the parchment on your plate is its own reward.

Check out this recipe from Rachael Ray to get started.

You can achieve a similar effect by wrapping fish in banana leaves. Many South American and Asian recipes, such as this one from Emeril Lagasse, call for this and create amazing results.

You can steam fish in a bamboo steamer. You have to be careful not to overcook your fish, but if done correctly, you have a delicious treat.

All Recipes has an excellent recipe for steaming fish.

Lutefisk, a Norwegian delicacy, is a dried whitefish soaked in cold water and lye. Lutefisk can be steam cooked or wrapped in aluminum foil. It can also be microwaved. It can be made of pollock, cod or haddock.

What’s Cooking America has a recipe for the Christmas-time food here.

Wrapping fish in aluminum foil also traps in juices, but it can be thrown on a grill. This is good for whole fish or fillets. You can cook trout and salmon this way.

You can smoke your own fish too. It can be done over the course of a couple of hours at high heat.

Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook sells smoked fish as well.

Break out the crock pot for slow cooking your fish. This works well for fish soups and chowders. The long cooking times allow all of the flavors to mingle together nicely.

When you’re thinking about making fish, there are tons of options. Try something new tonight.

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