“The Salmon was Melt-In-Your-Mouth Heaven”


Here’s a recent review of Atlantic Seafood Market on Yelp by Annie W.:

“this is a little hole-in-the-wall on route one, across the street from action sports, with a little sign in front advertising ‘self-serve soup!’ what they don’t say is that their soup is amazing. while rummaging through the store earlier today, one of the storekeepers generally offered a cup of delicious gumbo on the house, hearty, with a hint of spiciness, and lots of little shrimps. albeit little, the place is armed with refrigerators/freezers with frozen homemade seafood items (a la pasta vita, but not pasta), and desserts, and fresh-baked bread — challah, too! as well as custom grain mixes, spice rubs/mixes, a good supply of great looking wood planks on which to grill — for great prices — and little gourmet seasonings and marinades, etc to accompany everything. i got their prince edward island mussels and their organic norwegian (never-frozen) salmon, and immediately went home to test ’em out. let’s say that the mussels were ‘restaurant-quality!’ in the words of a roommate, fresh, and hardly any grit — even when i forgot to rinse them. the salmon was melt-in-your mouth heaven, and one of my cats, the true salmon connoisseur, had her paws on my knee until i fed her some as well. also noted was the lack of fishy smell that you’d get with a lower-quality seafood. my place didn’t smell like salmon afterwards!

i’ll surely be back to check out more of their seafood selection soon!”

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  1. I agree with Annie W with everything she says. I do some work for Lisa at Atlantic Seafood, and I can tell you this, this lady will not compromise on any item especially regarding quality and freshness. She insists on no additives or preservatives; ergo, the lack of fishy smell like Annie said. Lisa has done a fantastic job of setting the goals of the highest bar, and then exceeding them at every turn. I feel comfortable doing quality work for a quality establishment. As a side comment, I’ve been there many times and dealt with the staff, and I can say that I can’t find a more accommodating group of people serving the public.

    Thank You Atlantic Seafood

    Steve Lemieux

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