Sushi vs. Sashimi


Quick, what’s the difference between sushi and sashimi?

Don’t stress if you don’t know.  You’re about to find out.

Sushi is technically the rice and vinegar combination served with finger-sized portions of sliced, raw seafood.  Sushi is often a work of art as much as a food.

What most of us generically call sushi is actually sashimi.  This is the raw fish without the rice.

Sashimi is a terrific way to enjoy seafood. Without the rice, the true essence of the fish comes through, and with a bit of soy sauce to enhance it, this is the purist’s dream.

Sashimi is actually the most simple style to make.

Some fish take very well to being served in this style, particularly the fattier cuts of tuna, toro, chu-toro, and o-toro.

Live scallop sashimi (taken right out of the scallop shell) is an exquisite treat. It has a slightly different taste and texture than the scallop normally served as sushi.

Other common types of fish used in sashimi include:

Sashimi is often served with shiso and grated white radish as accompaniments.

Still not sure if sushi and sashimi is your thing?

Until you’ve tried it you’ll never know.

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