Potential Record-Breaking Striped Bass Caught in Westbrook


43-year-old Greg Myerson has suddenly found himself thrust into the role of “Big Man on Compass”4.¬†When the North Branford man set out on a routine fishing trip on the evening of August 4, he had no idea that he was about to be immortalized in fishing history. The trip started out simply enough, but that all changed in an instant when Myerson hooked the largest striped bass on record – an 81 lb, 54 inch, striped bass captured off the southwest outer reef of Long Island Sound in Westbrook.4 Immediately, he knew he had something special. “I know what a big fish feels like, and this one was special”, Myerson remarked, “I knew it was a giant. At first, I couldn’t move it much, but then it streaked away, chasing line.”3

In an instant, the battle was on. The bass gave Myerson a good run for his money. At one point, Myerson even slipped on some eel mucous on the deck of his boat1, but he held on and soon was the victor of an amazing battle of strength and will. Upon reeling in his 81 lb trophy, Myerson saw that the fish already had a hook caught in its jaw with some line attached, informing him that another fisherman had tried and failed to tame the beast. A fisherman to the core, Myerson continued fishing for several hours after catching the striped bass, eventually taking it in to Jack’s Shoreline Bait and Tackle in Westbrook where it was confirmed to weigh 81.88 lbs.

The fact that Myerson could do what another fisherman couldn’t should come as no surprise. Known for his ability to catch amazingly large fish, he has been living the angler life ever since he first began fishing at the age of 12 in his childhood home town of North Haven.1 From his earliest days, his love of fishing was so great that he went into the muskrat-trapping business in order to get the money to acquire his first boat. To this day he still lives, breathes, and eats fishing, living in a waterfront home in North Branford in which he can literally reach out and feed fish from his living room window.1

All that stands now between Myerson and eternal fishing fame is for the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) to confirm that his catch is indeed a world record. This could take some time though, as IGFA records coordinator Jack Vitek stated that the confirmation process is a vigorous one that could take weeks.2 In the meantime, Myerson hopes to capitalize on his newly-found fame, considering starting up an online business selling fishing supplies and apparel. Whatever the outcome, this is truly an amazing fishing story and one that nobody will forget any time soon.

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