Be the Star of the Party with Gourmet Holiday Seafood Platters from Atlantic Seafood of Old Saybrook


Whether it be with friends, family, or co-workers, this is the time of year where our calendars are always filled with festive holiday gatherings. If you’re hosting one of these gatherings or if you’re simply coming along as a guest, chances are at least some of the food-furnishing burden will be cast upon your shoulders. Instead of blending in with the crowd and bringing the same old boring snacks you’ve been whipping up since the days of disco, wouldn’t you like to mix things up this year and wow the whole crowd? If so, Altantic Seafood Market of Old Saybrook, CT has the answer to your prayers with our delicious gourmet seafood holiday platters.

Our gourmet seafood platters go beyond the simple tuna salad-on-a-cracker yawn fest. With offerings such as shrimp cocktail platters featuring only the finest white Gulf shrimp, seared tuna holiday platters, poached salmon platters made from the freshest and most delicious Atlantic salmon, smoked fish platters, fish pate platters and more, Atlantic Seafood truly has cornered the market on delicious and sophisticated holiday seafood platters in Connecticut. Atlantic Seafood Market - Holiday Seafood Platters in Old Saybrook,CT

Your guests and fellow party-goers will be impressed at your taste when they sample the shrimp cocktail holiday platters. Instead of serving up another unforgettable shrimp platter featuring months-old frozen shrimp from the back of the grocer’s freezer with flavorless jarred cocktail sauce, our holiday shrimp platters feature the freshest, plumpest, and most delicious white Gulf shrimp along with a zesty cocktail sauce which is all-natural and second to none. We clean and cook all of our shrimp right here (we NEVER buy pre-cooked shrimp) so it is always as fresh, clean, and delicious as possible in addition to being chemical-free. The only way to impress your guests more than serving them an Atlantic Seafood shrimp cocktail holiday platter is to flank it with one of our smoked fish holiday platters as well. With smoked fish options such as smoked trout, smoked salmon, smoked bluefish and more, a smoked fish holiday platter from Atlantic Seafood will be sure to please even the most sophisticated of palettes.

If you’re looking for an even greater delicious break from the old guard of holiday platters, our seared tuna platters and poached salmon platters will satisfy your itch for both succulence and adventure. Every guest will know that they’re not in food-Kansas anymore when they see an Atlantic Seafood Market seared tuna platter set before them which is every bit artistically and visually appealing as it is mouth-watering. After trying our seared tuna platter, a can of Bumblebee might just never do it for your guests again. Our poached salmon platter is an elegant and delicious choice that will leave every guest highly impressed and begging for more. A local favorite in Old Saybrook and along the CT shoreline, our poached salmon holiday platter will show your guests that you didn’t just mail it in this year and that you truly went for the best.

The ¬†gourmet seafood holiday platters mentioned above are just a few of the knock-your-socks-off delicious seafood holiday platters Atlantic Seafood has to offer. Give us a call or stop by today to see what else we can do for you, as we can customize your holiday platter to fit the tastes of both you and all of your guests. Just remember, holiday parties should be fun and not a chore. Let Atlantic Seafood of Old Saybrook make you and your party a hit with all of your friends, family and colleagues this year with gourmet seafood holiday platters they’ll never forget!

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