Discarded Lobster Ropes Finding New Purpose as Floor Mats


In recent years, there has been a serious problem developing off the coast of Maine concerning Atlantic Right Whales being caught and tangled within the floating rope lines used to string lobster traps together and keep them afloat.1 With Right Whales being among the rarest large whale breeds in our area and with their population within the northern Atlantic Ocean having dwindled down to an estimated 3503, it was clear that something had to be done. With this in mind, the state of Maine has recently passed a law banning the use of these floating lobster lines to protect the whales.

With the transition from floating lines to heavier lines that do not pose as much of a threat to whales, it seemed like all of the old lobster lines were destined for landfills and garbage dumps. All of this changed quite quickly, thanks to one man by the name of David Bird. Bird, who operates the Custom Cordage company of Waldoboro, Maine3, was very aware of the new restrictions on the lobster lines as his company was one of Maine’s top producers of them. During the spring of 2010, he had a moment of revelation as he was thinking about what to do with the floating ropes and then thought back to his days as a worker in a doormat factory. Knowing that he still had the loom and other mat-constructing supplies from his prior occupation, he wondered if he could run the discarded lines through it to make mats from the lobster lines.
After a bit of experimentation, he realized that this was in fact not only possible, but that it was a way of making great floor mats that were extremely durable. After taking some of his mats to local fairs and events and constantly being sold out, Bird knew he had a true gem of a product. Before long, he had set up a deal with the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, a non-profit organization that is presently helping lobstermen with their transition from floating to sinking rope lines.3

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Floating Lobster Rope Mats

Now available for sale right here at Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, these lobster rope mats are fast becoming top-sellers. They are extremely durable, with a lasting life of five years, minimum.2. They are also extremely resistant to damage, easily standing up to water, mud, snow, dirt, sunlight, mold and just about anything else you can throw at them.2They are highly effective in removing most any kind of debris from shoes, and when it’s time to clean them, a good hard shake followed by a simple hose washing is all it takes to get them clean again. In addition to this, they dry very quickly and will be ready for use again in no time.
The perfect floor mat for any doorstep, kitchen, bathroom, boat, or even car floor, they are extremely versatile and can be employed almost anywhere. (though use on slippery surfaces is not always recommended)2. These floor mats are also the very definition of unique, as no two mats are exactly identical, with variations of color and pattern present in every model. Between their extreme durability, irresistible style, and the environmental benefits due to their being recycled and eliminating the need for even more rubber mats to be produced, these recycled lobster rope mats are truly an innovation that is helpful on several levels. Bring a little bit of the ocean to your home and take one home today!

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The Ocean at Your Doorstep

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