Treat Her to a Romantic Valentine’s Day Treat She’ll Never Forget with Atlantic Seafood


It may be cold outside, but we know plenty of you guys out there are already starting to sweat when you look at the calendar. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching and time to find that perfect way to say “I love you” (or at the very least, ensuring that you don’t spend Valentine’s Day night sleeping in the living room) running out, now is not the time to wait for a last minute decision on what to give that special woman in your life. As always, Atlantic Seafood Market is here to come to the rescue. Let us take care of sweeping her off her feet this year and making you look like the perfect husband/boyfriend. How you ask? Here’s your answer – through our famous Valentine’s Day gift package consisting of some of the finest offerings from three local businesses – Atlantic Seafood Market, Ashleigh’s Garden, and Dagmar’s Desserts. By the way, there’s no need to worry about running to all three locations and burning up extra gas money. You can stop by and visit us to collect everything. We’ll explain a little more about that later.

Full service Essex CT florist - Ashleigh's Garden

Ashleigh’s Garden, a full service florist in Centerbrook, CT

You can start off the evening of romance by giving her the first part of our Valentine’s Day package, which is a bouquet of one dozen beautiful roses from Ashleigh’s Garden of Centerbrook, CT. Ashleigh’s Garden is proud to be known as the only true “green” florist on the CT shoreline and their constant attention to detail and devotion to beauty always show through in their floral arrangements. With over 20 years of experience in the floral industry, Ashleigh’s Garden is a full-service florist especially known for its long-lasting roses. Rest assured gentlemen, when you walk in the door on Valentine’s Day evening with a bouquet of Ashleigh’s Garden roses in hand, you’ll be well on your way to giving your special lady the ideal romantic Valentine’s Day she’s been dreaming of.

Once you’ve floored your Valentine with the roses, you can then move on to a romantic dinner for 2 held within the comfort of your own home, thanks to a special seafood banquet thrown together by your friends here at Atlantic Seafood Market. Our contribution to the package consists of a generous portion of full body White Gulf shrimp served along with our fresh and delicious cocktail sauce which is made from our Chef Jerry’s secret recipe which is sure to give your shrimp a bit of a tasty kick. We also will provide you with two fresh Atlantic lobsters, but we’ll save you the work of cooking them and the sometimes difficult responsibility of making them… well, walk the plank. When you stop in to pick up your Valentine’s Day package, your lobsters will be freshly cooked and piping hot – all you have to do is take them home and eat them.

Authentic European Bakery in CT - Dagmar's Desserts

Dagmar’s Desserts is an Authentic European style bakery in Old Saybrook, CT

The third and final portion of our Valentine’s Day gift package consists of a gourmet treat from Dagmar’s Desserts that will truly put the “sweet” in sweetheart. The dessert from Dagmar’s will consist of two decadent chocolate cakes with sweet and creamy ganache filling. For those of you not familiar with the term, ganache is a mixture of dark chocolate and cream and can transform any cake from a simple dessert into an irresistible confectionary jackpot. Located at 247 Main Street in Old Saybrook, (right across from the Town Hall), Dagmar’s Dessertsis an authentic European style bakery which specializes in Austrian and Bavarian style cakes, cookies, pastries, and more. They serve nothing but the richest and most indulgent gourmet desserts, which are sure to tantalize your sweet tooth with every bite.

Right about now, we’ve managed to pique your interest, but you’re probably wondering “What’s the catch?” You’re probably expecting a case of severe wallet hemorrhage. After all, a full rose bouquet, twin lobster and shrimp cocktail dinner, and gourmet desserts don’t grow on trees. You might expect to spend well over $125 to get all of these things together but that’s where you’re wrong. Our exclusive Valentine’s Day gift package can be yours for just $89.00! That’s great news for both your wallet and your romantic aspirations. Due to the popularity of this offering, supplies are limited and you’ll need to call us ahead of time at (860) 388-4527 to reserve your package while supplies last.

Valentine's Day Gift Package from Atlantic Seafood Market

Our Fully Loaded Valentine’s Day Gift Package

Everything will be put together here at Atlantic Seafood so you don’t need to worry about driving all around the shoreline to get everything. All pickups must be made by 6pm on Thursday, February 14th, so be sure to call and register and to swing by on time to take advantage of this once-a-year special offering. We’re conveniently located at 1400 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook.

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