The Non-Seafood Side of Atlantic Seafood: Part One


While we pride ourselves on providing the best in fresh, delicious seafood in Old Saybrook and for all of Connecticut, we also have a soft spot in our hearts for you landlubbers as well. We have a vast array of products within our Old Saybrook seafood market that are far more turf than surf – in fact, we have so many, that it will take a series of articles rather than just one to introduce them all to you!

The first of our fish-free items that we’d like to get you acquainted with is a line of specialty pastas we carry from Elena’s pastas. Elena Houlihan, whose surname doesn’t exactly scream Italian, was brought up in an Italian family and formed a lifelong love of cooking at the hands of her mother, grandmother, and many aunts who were masters of cooking Italian dishes passionately in the old world style. Elena started her company up in 1989 and makes all of her artisan pastas by hand – you won’t find any mass-produced pasta made by machines and guys with hairnets when you buy an Elena’s item.
Elena's handmade pastas in CT - Atlantic Seafood Market

We several varieties of Elena’s Pastas including angel hair, linguini, futtuce (very similar to fettucini, fedelini (a thin flat pasta, similar to tagliatelle), and several more. Elena’s products aren’t limited to just pastas though. We also stock her homemade stews which are so popular we can’t just order them whenever the mood strikes – they have to be in a bottling cycle at the time – they’re just that popular and just that fresh.

If you want to kick your homemade dishes up a notch, as Emeril would say, then you’ll want to get familiar with Drew’s dressings and marinades, which are available for sale every day here at Atlantic Seafood Market of Old Saybrook, CT. Drew’s is a company founded by Chef Drew Starkweather and is based in Chester, Vermont. Drew’s products are the very definition of healthy and green – none of his items contain preservatives, artificial colors/flavoring, or trans fats and most are completely dairy, sugar, and gluten free. The fastidiously clean and green ways of Drew’s have led to them being recognized by NSF International, an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety and health values of consumer products throughout the world.

Drew's All Natural and Organic Sauces & Marinades in CT - Atlantic Seafood Market

Some of the lip-smackingly delicious varieties of Drew’s sauces and marinades that we stock include Roasted Garlic & Peppercorn, Sesame Lime, Ranch, Smoked Tomato, Lemon Goddess (made with tahini, lemon, garlic, soy sauce, and chives) and several others as well. These delicious creations go perfectly with nearly any kind of meat and are great for salads as well.

If you’re one of our more frequent customers, then you probably have noticed that we generally make an effort to avoid selling products that are available on a wide basis, but sometimes, a product is so good that we’d be betraying ourselves if we didn’t carry it. This is the case with our McCormick spices, sauces, and marinades. Two McCormick marinades that we make available to customers are their Lemon Butter Dill Seafood Sauce and their Lemon Herb Seafood Sauce. Don’t let the names fool you – neither of these sauces contain any seafood products at all. The Lemon Butter Dill Seafood Sauces is completely fat free and goes great with chicken, pork, pasta, and nearly any kind of vegetable. The Lemon Herb Seafood Sauce, much like its fat free counterpart is highly versatile and can top most anything – it’ll turn your green beans into “scream beans”. (We mean that in the good way.)

McCormick marinades and sauces in CT - Atlantic Seafood Market of Old Saybrook

Another McCormick product that we carry is Old Bay Crab seasoning. While this one crosses the line into seafood just a bit, it can be used as a seasoning for many non seafood items such as potatoes, french fries, croutons, pasta, and just about anything else – the only limit is your imagination. Old Bay seasonings are a household name in the Chesapeake Bay region and slowly but surely are becoming a hit nationwide.

If you’re going to be eating at home, you’ll quite obviously need something to put the food on before you can put it in your mouth. This is where our handmade pottery comes in. You can serve your meals in style with our artisan crafted dishes, bowls, and other pottery items that are as functional as they are fashionable. Most are shaped in a seafood motif, such as oyster, clam, and scallop shaped items. However, just because they look like seafood doesn’t mean they have to be used for seafood. These truly remarkable and unique pieces can be used to serve up any dinner you can think of. If we haven’t made enough of a case to interest you our beautiful handmade pottery yet, maybe this will catch your fancy – we’re currently selling them at a 25% discount while supplies last. If you’re looking for that perfect and unique wedding gift, our pottery might just get you off the hook.

Handmade pottery perfect for a wedding gift - Atlantic Seafood Market of Old Saybrook CT

That’s it for the first installment of our non-seafood items. Stay tuned in the coming months to see the many more options we keep in stock every day to please non-fans of seafood and the people who love them.

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