The Non-Seafood Side of Atlantic Seafood: Part Two


As we explained in our previous non-seafood item article, Atlantic Seafood Market truly has something to please every palate, whether you be a seafarer or a landlubber. Whatever your culinary desires might be, we’ll always have you leaving our Old Saybrook seafood market happy as a clam. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one.)

To continue where we left off last time, we’d like to introduce you to some more of our items that do not have shells or scales. The first of these will be the Far East brand Asian style noodles that we carry. We stock two varieties, which include Udon noodles and Lo Mein noodles.
Far East Udon and Lo Mein noodles

Udon noodles are a Japanese style pasta that are basically rather thick wheat-based noodles that are most commonly used in soups. A typical soup where you might expect to see these featured is a Japanese favorite called Kakejiru. It consists of a large portion of Udon noodles swimming in a broth comprised of soy sauce, mirin, and dashi. Don’t worry if any of those ingredients don’t sound familiar… there’s an excellent Kakejiru Soup recipe at the preceding link. Rounding out this soup is usually a team of fried tofu and shrimp. Udon noodles can also be served in other dishes, including egg drop soup, stir fries, or with fried tofu. Alternately, they taste great served all by their lonesome as well.

Lo Mein noodles, as their name would imply, are most frequently employed in the making of Lo Mein dishes. Like Udon noodles, they are a wheat based pasta which are on the semi-thick side. They’re usually served along with meats such as chicken, beef, or pork, or can also be paired with seafoods including shrimp, prawns, crab meat, and lobster meat. They’re also frequently served along with spiced rice and again, like Udon noodles, can also make a great snack or meal in and of themselves.

Another non-seafood item which we are proud to carry are wooden grill planks from Peace, Love, and BBQ. These American-made grilling planks come in several varieties of wood, including Mesquite, Alder, Olive, Cedar, Cherry, and Sugar Maple. Each wood has its own special brand of flavor that it will bring to your food, providing a level of smokiness, sweetness, or savoriness that a regular old charcoal or propane grill could never hope to accomplish on their own. Before placing them on a grill, it’s advised that you soak them in either water or wine for 30 minutes. After this, you can bring them out to your grill and use them to bring your lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables, or whatever else it is that you’re cooking up to a whole new level of decadent deliciousness.

Wooden Grilling Planks in Old Saybrook CT - Atlantic Seafood Market

We’re proud to announce that we’re now carrying Tutti Amici authentic cold pressed imported olive oils, which are provided by a Tiezzi Imports, a local company based in Chester, CT. These amazingly delicious olive oils are extremely versatile and can be employed in nearly any of your culinary exploits. They make a great dip for breads, are a lower fat alternative for frying up vegetables or meats, and make a perfect oil with which to create fun and delicious home-made fried dough. A perfect complement to just about any recipe you might make with Tutti Amici olive oil is our line of “It’s Just that Simple” spice blends, which work with seafood and non-seafood items alike. When you run out of our spices, don’t worry, as you can bring your empty bottle back to us and we’ll refill it for half price.

It's Just That Simple spices

Imported gourmet cold pressed olive oil in CT - Tutti Amici

With your first bite, you’ll quickly taste the difference that quality and care make in Tutti Amici olive oils. These are truly the best among gourmet extra virgin cold pressed olive oils in CT and beyond. In addition to their great taste, these olive oils also provide numerous health benefits. Just a few of these include a lowered risk of breast and colon cancer, lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, and reducing your risk of heart disease. For more information on Tutti Amici olive oils and all of the products Tiezzi Imports carries, you can visit the Tiezzi Imports website.

The last of our non seafood products that we’ll touch upon in today’s discussion are our lobster rope mats. We’ve already written a blog entry about our recycled lobster rope mats, but we’ll touch upon them again briefly here. To make a long story short, heavy floating lobster rope traps have recently been banned in Maine due to the number of Right Whales being caught and killed in them. These rope traps were ready to be sent to the landfills until David Bird, owner of Custom Cordage of Waldoboro, Maine stepped in.

recycled lobster rope mats in CT - Atlantic Seafood Market

Bird, a former floor mat factory employee saw some potential in these discarded ropes and decided to see how they’d work as floor mats. After constructing a few of these, he quite quickly saw that they had greatly exceeded his expectations in terms of usefulness and durability. He quickly started to produce more and more of these mats, which are now available at several locations, including our CT seafood market. These mats are the definition of durable, lasting no less than 5 years and are very easy to clean. Just a quick shake followed by a hose rinse (they dry very quickly after being washed) will have your mat clean and ready for use again. They’re great as door mats or mats within the home. The only place where we do not recommend their use is on slippery surfaces. When you buy one of these mats, you’ll not only be helping to keep your floors clean, you’ll be helping the environment as well.

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