Melt Her Heart with the Best Flowers, Cheesecake & Lobster in CT


Well guys, it’s that time of year again. February has once again sprung up on the calendar and it’s time to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. No big deal really, get it right and you’re in the clear. Get it wrong, and well… let’s just say the living room will become your new bedroom for a while. With that in mind, we’d like to offer you a fail-safe Valentine’s Day gift package that is sure to sweep any woman off her feet.

For any of you who might happen to be familiar with our annual Valentine’s Day offering, we’d like to add that this year, we’ve upped the ante a bit. In addition to all of the great things that always come with this gift package, (more on that in a bit) we’ve also added a fresh & delicious baguette from Fromage Fine Foods along with some St Angel triple creme wedge cheese. As if that were not enough, there’s also an upgrade this year where even more romantically inspired presents are added. Settle in and take a read through this article as we explain in more detail exactly how we’ll make Valentine’s Day for you and that special woman in your life complete.


Let’s start out with something that should be pretty obvious- flowers. Most of your significant others will be expecting flowers on Valentine’s Day, and you most likely already know that. What they won’t be expecting is a dozen of the most full and beautiful roses they’ve ever seen, sold and grown locally by Ashleigh’s Garden of Centerbrook. Ashleigh’s Garden has the reputation of supplying the most beautiful roses in CT and with good reason. Hand your lady these amazing roses and you’ll have broken the ice with flying colors.

On to step two – dinner. What woman wouldn’t want to experience an intimate and romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day? Sure, those fancy French restaurants have a certain flair, but they’re not exactly a place for two people to escape to. What with the other customers and staff members bustling about, it’s not quite the “just the two of us” type of romantic getaway you desire. We eliminate this issue by supplying you with 2 1.5 lbs fresh lobsters (hey, we even cook them for you) which you can then take home for a truly unique, intimate and romantic dinner with nothing to distract you from sharing the moment with the love of your life.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Package in CT

Once you’ve filled yourself up with the best lobster in Connecticut, we hope you’ll still have a little bit of room left over for dessert. This is because as usual, we’ve thought of everything.  When you buy our Valentine’s Day gift package, you’ll be treated to two raspberry cheesecakes from Dagmar’s Desserts, an Old Saybrook European style bakery (specifically Bavarian). Indulge your sweetheart and your sweet tooth at the same time with these amazingly delicious cakes that will actually have you wishing Valentine’s Day came more than once per year. It’s okay if you don’t believe us on that one yet – your mind will change after you’ve had a lobster, baguette, and raspberry cheesecake feast. You’ll get all of this for only $99 – mere pocket change compared to what you’d spend if  you separately went out to a florist and went through the aforementioned overrated fancy restaurant experience.

As we alluded to before, we’ve included some special upgrades for this year’s gift package. There are two separate add-ons that we’ll explain to you now. The first add-on is a one-time dance lesson for couples at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Main Street in Old Saybrook. This can be added on to the package for just $30 extra dollars (for a total of $129)  and really kicks the romance factor up a few notches. Just think, in addition to impressing your wife or girlfriend with your gift-buying savvy, you can also further win her over with your moves on the dance floor.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Package in CT

The second additional component that you may opt is available for $50 (for a total of $149) and is a gift card from Jodi Works of Westbrook, CT entitling the recipient to either a massage, facial, or 3 Pilates classes. That’s a bargain basement price for a penthouse level service. Now if you’re worried about traveling all around the area to pick up all of these separate gifts, you can put these fears to rest. All you have to do is come in to Atlantic Seafood Market at 1400 Boston Post Rd in Old Saybrook and reserve the gift package of your choice. You may also do this by way of ordering by phone at (860) 388-4527. Then all you have to do is come back and pick it up when the big day arrives. Supplies are limited and it’s a good idea to order ahead of time to ensure you’re not left out of this great once-a-year bargain.

All right, so now you know the perfect gift to get for Valentine’s Day. You also know where and how to get it. What are you doing still sitting and reading about it instead of going out to get it?

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