Fifty Fun Fish Facts For ’15


Hello and happy New Year to all of our loyal fans! Since we’re entering a new year, we figured there’s no better way to start off than by showing you 50 new and interesting fish facts for 2015. Take a spin through our list and learn some strange, funny, and interesting things you never knew about our scaly little friends.

1. Despite being fish and not mammals, many shark breeds give birth to live young.

2. Under the right conditions (usually resulting from poor care), a Goldfish can lose its color.

3. During the disco era, a rather inhumane fad existed in which people would wear shoes with goldfish placed in compartments beneath their feet.

4. A Goldfish that is living under optimum conditions can live to be over 30 years old.

5. One more Goldfish fact for you: Did you know that the Goldfish can trace its origins back to China, where its ancestor the Carp first lived?

6. While the human heart has four chambers and the hearts of reptiles have 3, fish hearts only feature two chambers.

7. The most plentiful and populous fish in the world is the Brittlemouth. Chances are, you’ve never seen one as they’re quite small, blend in well with sand, and live in very deep waters.

8. Fish don’t taste solely through their mouths. Most fish have taste buds all over their bodies, including on their tales, fins, and scales.

9. Mainly due to pollution, over 30% of the male fish living in British waters are in the process of changing gender.

10. Crazy as it sounds, it’s possible for a fish to drown in water. Fish need oxygen to breathe and if they’re stuck in an area where the oxygenation is insufficient, they can die as a result.

11. The Whale Shark may be the biggest fish in the world, but it certainly doesn’t have the biggest teeth. Of the thousands of teeth in their mouth, very few ever grow to a length of more than 3 millimeters. This means that your teeth dwarf those of the ocean’s largest fish.

12. The two most primitive fish that are still extant today are the Hagfish and the Lamprey.

13. The Batfish has learned to play dead when predators are near, taking on the appearance of a dead floating leaf1.

14. Unlike most fish, sharks do not have swim bladders. Therefore, they can never stop moving without sinking down toward the ocean floor.

15. The Ocean Sunfish is one of the few fish that do not possess tails.

16. Even though freshwater makes up less than 1% of the water on Earth, 40% of aquatic species call it home.

17. Not all fish are entirely mute. Some can create noise by grinding their teeth.

18. It is very important to do  your research before buying tropical fish for a home aquarium. Over 95% of their deaths are caused by poor nutrition and improper housing2.

19. A school of fish is directed by the fish swimming in the very middle, not by the fish in the front of the pack.

20. Tuna can swim much more quickly than humans can run. Some tuna are able to exceed speeds of over 40 mph.

21. Despite having “fish” in its name, the Crayfish is not a fish at all, but rather a crustacean.

22. The brains of most fish are quite small in proportion to their body size, when compared to those of other animal species.

23. Here’s a pretty basic one, but in case you didn’t know, fish are vertebrates.

24. The Electric Eel can issue a shock of up to 550 volts. This is enough to kill a full-grown horse.

25. 80% of an Electric Eel’s internal organs are comprised of organs used to generate electricity.

26. The Lionfish is presently one of the most harmful invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean.

27. While they aren’t as cute and cuddly as their name would imply, baby sharks are called “pups”.

28. The Porcupine Fish is covered in spines which it can retract and extend at will.

29. Jellyfish are not a true fish, but they are a very old species. They actually came into being before dinosaurs did3.

30. You don’t have to travel as far as you might think in order to see a Seahorse in the wild. There is one species native to the Chesapeake Bay off the coasts of Maryland and Virginia.

31. Have you ever been in shallow waters and seen small creatures that look like little white spiders? These are actually baby crabs.

32. If you’re fishing for Walleye, try to do it around 6 weeks after their spawning cycle has ended. They’ll be gorging themselves to replenish their energy and will be much heavier than usual.

33. The correct name of the frozen fish product company that we’re all familiar with is Gorton’s, not Gordon’s as it is frequently called in error.

34. Due to the amazing amount of energy expended during spawning, nearly all Salmon will die within two weeks after the cycle is complete.

35. Fish are able to feel pain just as intensely as we are. Make sure your fish are comfortable at all times.

36. There are three main sub-groups that different fish species belong to. These include Cartilaginous, Ray-Finned, and Lobe-Finned fish4.

37. Of these three sub-groups, Ray-Finned fish exhibit the most diversity4.

38. Together with the Lamprey, the Hagfish are the only jawless fish still alive today.

39. The alternative name for the Triggerfish, a  Hawaiian favorite, is Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Try saying that three times fast. Actually, try saying it at all!

40. The Filefish is also known as the Foolfish, Shingle, and Leatherjacket.

41. The country that consumes the most Filefish is China.

42. The African Lungfish can seal itself into a tunnel of mud and live there for years, even if their lake has dried up.

43. The Malawi Eyebiter is a fish that lives up to its name. It loves to dine on the eyes of other fish.

44. The Cusk Eel lives at the deepest ocean depths of any creature.

45. The most heavily preferred and consumed fish among the pilgrims was Cod.

46. In Japan, fish eyes are considered to be a gourmet delicacy.

47. The Silverfish is not a fish. For that matter, it’s not even an aquatic animal. It’s a particularly pesky insect that can rapidly invade your home and make an exterminator’s wallet much fatter.

48. The Goldfish owned by Gepetto in Pinocchio is named Cleo.

49. Many Flounder are captured by way of using a Gig, which is a particularly sharp spear.

50. An episode of The Simpsons entitled A Fish Called Selma (in which Selma, Marge Simpson’s sister, marries actor Troy McClure) is a parody of the 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda.


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