The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift from Atlantic Seafood


No matter who you are, everyone knows “that guy”. Maybe you haven’t met him, but you’ve certainly had to deal with the effects of his being the just-too-perfect boyfriend/husband. He’s the guy who all the ladies at the office talk about and the one who your special somebody may complain about you not emulating. Admit it, you pretty much hate that guy. Get ready to change your attitude though, because we’re going to give you the perfect solution to become “that guy” and you’ll suddenly see how great it is to be him. Read on to learn more.

Most any woman loves to be surprised with an amazing romantic Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re like most guys, you might often be stumped trying to figure out how to pull that one off. Worry not, because our “If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it” Valentine’s Day gift package is just what you’ve been searching for. When you stop in at Atlantic Seafood Market at 1400 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook and pick one of these up, you’ll have the flowers, dinner and dessert portion of Valentine’s Day completely taken care of for you. All you need to do is pre-order, as supplies are limited and will run out fast. To do this, just stop in and make a reservation, call us at (860) 388-4527, or send us an e-mail at

What woman doesn’t love to be surprised with fresh and beautiful roses?

Okay, now that we’ve told you how to get the package, we should probably explain a little bit more about what it actually is. We’ll go in order of the way that you’ll probably want to present each item to your significant other. You can start off by sweeping your girl off her feet with the most beautiful rose bouquet she’s ever seen. Ashleigh’s Garden (which has recently relocated to South Main Street in Deep River) provides this bouquet.  Between the full and lush colors of the beautiful roses and expert arrangement presentation, this is something you’ll want to show off as soon as you arrive back at home.

As your lucky lady is admiring her beautiful rose bouquet, you can lead her to your dining room where a romantic dinner for two awaits. You can start off by serving an appetizer provided by Fromage Fine Foods of Old Saybrook. If you’re looking for the best in imported cheeses in CT, delicious breads, and holiday gift baskets, then you’ll want to remember Fromage Fine Foods on Route 1 in Old Saybrook. The delicious baguette and deluxe cheese appetizer will bring a little bit of the romance of Paris to your dining room as you both enjoy the delicious decadence, with more still to come.

Fromage Fine Foods of Old Saybrook – your source for the best domestic/imported cheeses and gift baskets on the CT shoreline

Mmm… lobster

Once you’ve finished and thoroughly enjoyed your appetizer from Fromage, it’s time to get to the main event. That’s right, it’s time to break out the twin 1 1/2lb lobsters courtesy of your friends at Atlantic Seafood Market. Not only do we provide these lobsters as part of the Valentine’s Day gift package, but we also cook them for you. When you come by to pick them up, they’ll be hot and ready to serve, saving you from the unpleasant task of having to put them in the pot yourself. These lobsters make up a very filling, delicious, and nutritious main course that will have you both in seafood paradise. Don’t forget to have a cup of melted butter on hand for dipping!

Delicious and decadent chocolate raspberry mousse cake from Dagmar’s Desserts

After the flowers, appetizers, and delicious dinner, the next activity on the agenda for your Valentine’s Day evening is dessert. No, we didn’t mean it that way, we’re talking about dessert in the literal sense. Fresh from Dagmar’s Desserts of Main Street in Old Saybrook, a chocolate raspberry mousse cake makes the perfect delicious and sophisticated complement to the perfect evening you’ll be enjoying. Dagmar’s is an authentic European style bakery where all of the desserts are made from scratch. The extra effort and attention to detail show through in every delicious dessert Dagmar’s provides. We dare you to take one bite of the chocolate raspberry mousse cake and tell us that this isn’t true.

At this point, you may be on board with our Valentine’s Day dinner package, but you also might be wringing your hands and worrying about just how much it will cost you. Worry not, because we have some great news for you. The breathtaking rose bouquet, baguette and cheese appetizer, twin lobsters, and raspberry mouse cake can all be yours for just $99. That’s a savings of more than $100 compared to what you’d be paying if you bought all of these items separately. Not only will you be providing a Valentine’s Day evening the two of you will never forget, but you’ll also save a ton of money in the process.

Now the only thing left to do is to give us a call, visit or e-mail and reserve your “It if Ain’t Broke. Don’t Fix it” Valentine’s day gift package. Enjoy the glory and splendor of being “that guy” and don’t worry about the jealousy incurred – it’s just a fun perk that comes along with the job description.

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