Fifty More Fun Fish Facts for ’15


It’s once again time for one of the most popular features of our CT seafood market blog. That’s right, we’re serving up 50 more fun, weird, and obscure facts about fish and facts about sea creatures. We’ve got 50 big ones coming your way, so we’ll get started now.

1. A swordfish possesses eyes that are as large as a softball.

2. Swordfish lose all of their teeth by the time they reach full maturity.

3. Swordfish with orange flesh (which comes from eating too much shrimp) are called “pumpkin swordfish”.

4. Several species of fish have shown the ability to remember people they have seen before.

5. More than 50% of the seafood caught in the United States comes from Alaska.

6. Flipper was played by five different dolphins during the run of the series.

7. The original Flipper  was a female dolphin named Susie1.

8.  The most commonly served variety of sushi in the USA is Makizushi. This consists of the standard seaweed roll filled with rice and fish.

9. After being largely absent from Star Kist commercials since the 1980s, Charlie the Tuna made a comeback in 2011.

10. A recent Stanford University study revealed that fish do in fact have the ability to feel emotions.

11. The largest fish ever caught was an Atlantic Bluefin Tuna that weighed almost 1500 pounds2.

12. Several octopus varieties have displayed an ability to remember various geometric shapes. They use this memory to take the form of these shapes to trick their prey into thinking they are a different kind of animal.

13. The name of the Orca whale who starred in the Free Willy movies was named Keiko.

14. While it is very rare, there are fish in the world who are conjoined twins.

15. While not technically fish, marine creatures who walk on their flippers and tail (seals, sea lions, walruses etc) are called pinnipeds.

16. Sea sponges are actually animals and not plants.

17. There are seven main varieties of sea turtles living in the coastal waters of the United States.

18. There was a contest among fans to name the Miami Dolphins when they became an expansion team in 1966. Dolphins received the most votes, with a total of 6223.

19. The Burger King Big Fish sandwich was once known as the Whaler.

20. The Mimic Octopus has the ability to change the color of its skin.

21. The North Pacific Giant Octopus has this same ability.

22. Chum is made up of ground-up fish and blood. It is frequently used as shark bait.

23. In some parts of England, chum is called “rubby dubby”.

24. The infamous three-eyed fish on The Simpsons is named Blinky.

25. There are more than 125 different kinds of shrimp.

26. The Mantis shrimp is so strong and can move so quickly that many of them have shattered aquarium tanks.

27. The Percula Clownfish will often change gender if its breeding partner has died.

28. The Goliath Tiger Fish has some of the sharpest teeth of any animal in the world.

29. The tail of a Bowhead Whale can be as wide as 25 feet across.

30. Crabs need to be prepared for consumption faster than any other marine species.

31. The lesser known “brown meat” of a crab lies within the body cavity and is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids.

32. A single serving of swordfish will provide you with more than 240% of your needed daily intake of Vitamin D!

33. A recently discovered fish in Australia uses its fins to walk along the ocean floor rather than swim.


34. The average giant clam weighs about 440 lbs.

35. A Giant clam’s color scheme is much like a human fingerprint. No two are exactly alike.

36. Invertebrate species far outnumber vertebrate species both in the sea and on land.

37. It turns out that Ming, a recently deceased world-famous clam was actually around 507 years old at the time of her death. This makes her more than 100 years older than previously thought.

38. In Connecticut, there are multiple kinds of fishing licenses one can obtain. The two most prominent are marine fishing licenses and inland fishing licenses.

39. As delicious as steamers are, you shouldn’t make a habit of overdoing it while eating them. Twenty steamed clams provide almost 100% of a human’s recommended daily intake of sodium.

40. Goldfish snack crackers were invented in Connecticut.

41. Sadly, Natasja, the oldest walrus in Europe recently died at the age of 404.

42. President Barack Obama is known to be very fond of salmon.

43. The Hawksbill Sea Turtle is the national marine animal of Antigua & Barbuda.

44. The water-dwelling (though not a fish) Mute Swan is the official animal of Denmark.

45. The Goonch Fish may have a funny name, but its lethal powers will stifle any laughs. Several people die each year by being attacked by them in the Kali River which flows between Nepal and India5.

46. There are several different subgroups of goldfish. Just a few of these include the Bubble Eye, Lionhead, Oranda and Pompom.

47. The Primus song “Fish On” was based on a real-life experience of Primus frontman Les Claypool.

48. Speaking of music, Blue Oyster Cult originally operated under the name of Soft White Underbelly.

49. South America has the most wild piranhas of any continent.

50. Wardley, one of the most famous suppliers of fish food was founded in 1950, but subsequently bought out by Hartz Mountain.





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