Test Your Knowledge of Seafood with Our Quick Fish Quiz


We’ve cooked up a fun little online quiz for all you readers out there to see who knows the most about fish and seafood in general. There are 25 multiple choice questions, along with a scoring key and answer sheet at the end of the quiz. We know you’re at your computer, but please avoid the temptation to search for answers online (or in our previous articles 🙂 ).  If you feel like showing off your high score, feel free to post it to our Facebook page!

Without further ado, let’s get the fun started. All right now, it’s time for question number one.

1. In what country is Lutefisk most popular?

A. Poland

B. Sweden

C. Estonia

D. Portugal

2. What key nutrient found in oily fish has been shown to increase brain power and help people suffering from autism, ADHD, and depression?

A. Vitamin B12

B. Phosphorous

C. Omega-3 fatty acids

D. Niacin

3. What is the state fish of Connecticut?

A. American Shad

B. Bluefish

C. Tautog (Blackfish)

D. Cod

4. This fish has many varieties, some of which include King, Coho, Arctic Char, Sockeye, Norwegian, and Atlantic. Which fish is it?

A. Trout

B. Tuna

C. Pollock

D. Salmon

5. Which of the following fish are safe to eat in moderation during pregnancy?

A. Cod

B. Salmon

C. Halibut

D. All of the above

6. Which of the following is NOT a real kind of clam chowder?

A. Manhattan Style

B. Los Angeles Style

C. Rhode Island Style

D. New England Style

7. Which Canadian province do our mussels come from?

A. Prince Edward Island

B. Quebec

C. British Columbia

D. Nova Scotia

8. What kind of crab is pictured below?

image courtesy of FoodUniversity.com

image courtesy of FoodUniversity.com

A. Hermit Crab

B. Jonah Crab

C. Dungeness Crab

D. Blue Crab

9. What sea creature is the only one in which the male of the species carries the young until birth?

A. Seahorse

B. Octopus

C. Squid

D. Starfish

10. Which country consumes the most sardines per year?


B. Canada

C. Portugal

D. Japan

11. What recycled marine product is finding a new use as floor mats, available at Atlantic Seafood Market?

A. Lobster cages

B. Used fly fishing lines

C. Crab nets

D. Lobster rope

12. What color are the (many) eyes of a scallop?

A. Brown

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Yellow

13. From what creature is scungilli made?


A. Whelk

B. Nudibranch

C. Sea Cucumber

D. Octopus

14. Seaweed has many nutritional benefits. What nutrient does it provide the most of?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B12

C. Calcium

D. Folic Acid

15. Which is the correct order (from smallest to largest) of steamers?

A. Cherrystone, Litteneck, Quahog

B. Quahog, Littleneck, Cherrystone

C. Littlenck, Quahog, Cherrystone

D. Littleneck, Cherrystone, Quahog

16. Let’s see who’s been following our Facebook page. Who is the friendly talking clam who appears from time to time on our page?

A. Clinton

B. Clancy

C. Clark

D. Cletus

17. Of the following sea creatures, which one is the most poisonous?

A. Eel

B. Axolotl

C. Stonefish

D. Giant Squid

18. To what phylum of animal species do starfish belong?

A. Pachyderm

B. Echinoderm

C. Bryozoa

D. Arthropod

19. What is the official name for a fear of fish?

A. Ichthyophobia

B. Ailurophobia

C. Ophidiophobia

D. Coulrophobia

20. What is the best method when trying to guess the age of a salmon?

A. Examine its scales

B. Examine its eyes

C. Examine the flesh color

D. Ask the salmon directly

21. Most lobsters have a red and brown hue before being cooked. However, variations do exist. What color has NOT ever been observed in a live lobster?

A. Blue

B. Yellow

C. Purple

D. White

22. When is the Italian “Feast of Seven Fishes” traditionally held?

A. Christmas Eve

B. Thanksgiving

C. New Year’s Day

D. Easter Sunday

23. What is the name of the Connecticut man who caught the world-record setting 81.88lb bass in Westbrook?

A. Tom Akers

B. James Henry

C. Greg Myerson

D. Mark Griskowski

24. Which of the following is a real variety of oyster?

A. Malpeque

B. Gray Point

C. Irish

D. Electric

25. What is the delicacy pictured below?

A. Lutefisk

B. Gravlax

C. Caviar

D. Finnan Haddie

Did you have fun taking this quiz? We sure had fun writing it. Now it’s time to get to the part you’ve all been waiting for – the scoring. After reading all of the answers at the end of this article, multiply the number of correct answers you provided by 4. This will give you the percentage of questions you answered accurately. Here are the titles you can take on, based on your score.

0-20%: Fish Fry – You’re new to the world of seafood, but have all the time in the world to learn and enjoy every bit of it.

21-40%: Minnow – You may not have all the answers, but you certainly can hold your own and know a thing or two about the fish life.

41-60%: Salmon – Your knowledge is solid and you’re a veteran of all things seafood. There’s room to grow and learn more, but you’re not doing too badly as it is.

61-80%: Dolphin – You’re certainly intelligent and are a quick learner. You certainly have the capacity to learn and commit to memory even more seafood knowledge.

81-100%: Blue Whale – There’s no doubt about it, you’re King/Queen of the sea. You know pretty much all of the biggest seafood facts out there and are more than qualified to create a quiz of your own.

Answer Key:

1 = B

2 = C

3 = A,

4 = D

5 = D

6  = B

7 = A

8 = C

9 = A

10 = C

11 = D

12 = B

13 = A

14 = C

15 = D

16 = B

17 = C

18 = B

19 = A

20 = A

21 = C

22 = A

23 = C

24 = A

25 = B


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