Fifty Final Fish Facts for Fifteen


One of our favorite kinds of articles are the ones we do concerning fun, random, and sometimes bizarre fish facts. There’s so much about the ocean that we don’t know, and it’s always fun to pick up a new tidbit of knowledge regarding the sea and its many diverse and beautiful creatures. ¬†With that said, we’ll get started with our last fun fish facts article for 2015.

1. During extremely inclement weather, fish can be sucked up into the sky. During a break in the weather or at its end, they can fall back down, giving the illusion that it is raining fish.

2. As bright and colorful as nudibranches are, they’ll never know it. Their simple eyes can only perceive light vs darkness.

3. Referring back to fact #1, Lluvia de Peces (meaning rain of fish) happens at least once every year in Honduras1.

4. Though it is rarely heard by humans, the whistle of a blue whale is the loudest sound produced by any creature on Earth.

5. Killer whales aren’t truly whales at all. They’re actually a variety of dolphin.

6. While a starfish doesn’t have a brain, it does have multiple eyes. Oddly enough, there is one eye on each of their limbs.

7. Dolphins and porpoises are able to communicate with each other through vocalizations.

8. A newborn blue whale calf already weighs 10,000 lbs.

9. A crab’s teeth are located within its stomach.

10. An immature crab is known as a hatchling.

11. Shrimp, like most fish, often tend to travel in schools.

12. A female shrimp can lay up to a million eggs in one session and it only takes them 2 weeks to hatch.

13. A stingray has an average lifespan of 20 years.

14. Stingrays are also quite large, with many of them weighing in excess of 700 lbs.

15. The body of a jellyfish is 95% water.

16. There are some species of jellyfish that are larger than humans.

17. A group of jellyfish is known as a smack. “Sting” seems more appropriate.

18. A lionfish have lumps of flesh over their eyes that they use to trick prey into thinking they are seeing prey of their own. As soon as they approach, the lionfish gobble them up.

19. It is estimated that there are more than 15,000 fish species that are still yet to be identified.

20. A catfish has three times more tastebuds than a human.

21. It takes seven years for an average American lobster to reach a weight of 1 lb2.

22. The Spotted Climbing perch can briefly get oxygen through their air on the surface. They can walk along the ground briefly as they breathe air, in search of other waters2.

23. Crayfish are like the American flag – they come in colors of red, white, and blue.

24. Of the three colors, white crayfish are the most rare.

25. Fish existed long before dinosaurs came about.

26. There are more different species of fish than those of mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians put together.

27. There are many different sub-species of catfish. All told, they account for 8% of all of the world’s fish3.

28. The whiskers of a catfish are called barbels.

29. A Bottlenose dolphin can live as long as 50 years.

30. The Triggerfish has the ability to swim backwards.

31. A goldfish’s eyes are always open because they do not have any eyelids.

32. On average, sharks only kill 12 people per year. However, humans kill nearly 11,000 sharks every hour.

33. Speaking of sharks, the Greenland shark is so big and powerful that it dines on Polar bears.

34. The part of fish scales that is used for lipstick is called pearl essence.

35. While they can’t walk on land, many species of the Sea Robin family use their strong pectoral fins to walk along the ocean floor.

36. Some giant squid eyes are larger than a regulation size NBA basketball.

37. Eskimo ice cream, also known as Agutak, contains sea mammal fat but no dairy products.

38. The Pelican eel is also called the Umbrella mouth eel.

39. If you’re going to buy your fish from a general grocery store, be aware of the fact that nearly 20% of the fish may be mislabeled.

40. Goldfish the ability to recognize different people and tell them apart if they’ve been around them on a regular basis.

41. Brook trout aren’t really trout at all. They’re actually a member of the char family.

42. More than 12 million households worldwide have at least 1 fish as a pet.

43. Many dental offices have fish tanks. The purpose of this is to put patients at ease4.

44. The goldfish does not possess a stomach

45. Nautical novelist Herman Melville was non t a popular author during the times in which he lived. He made less than $12,000 throughout his career.

46. Anglerfish do not have scales.

47. Female anglerfish are often three feet longer than male anglerfish.

48. The Clown Frogfish has been said to look like a bloody piece of cheese.

49. No species of fish has eyelids other than sharks.

50. Most seahorses form lifelong, monogamous pairs.



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