60 Fun Fish Facts to Start 2016


The holidays are over, the leftovers are all gone (we hope) and a brand new year is once again upon us. What better way could there be for any seafood lover to start 2016 off with sixty fun and interesting facts about fish and other ocean creatures? With that said, we’ll now get down to business are start sharing some fun facts about crabs, shrimp, fish and other species with you.

1. Due to the fact that they have ten legs, crabs fall into the decapod category, even though two of those legs have evolved into claws.

2. While young salmon mostly eat insects, adult salmon enjoy a much tastier diet of shrimp, squid, and smaller fish.

3. The octopus is considered to be the most intelligent of all invertebrate species.

4. Hammerhead sharks are a nomadic bunch, very seldom staying in one geographic area for a long period of time.

5. While a clam possesses a body part known as a foot, it does not have any legs.

6. As is the case with lobsters, shrimps are considered to be crustaceans.

7. While Moby Dick is now considered a literary masterpiece, it received little attention and acclaim during author Herman Melville’s lifetime.

8. Save your oyster shells after you’ve eaten the meat inside. The calcium contained within them is great for the soil in your garden.

9. Canned sardines are intended to be eaten whole, bones and all.

10. Like snails, crabs’ eyes are positioned on stalks. They do however have a certain degree of color vision.

11. Salmon are mostly found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but are also known to venture into the Great Lakes and their tributary rivers.

12. Octopuses have been proven to be able to learn by watching other octopuses.

13. As awkward as it may sound, octopuses is actually the preferred pronunciation for the plural of octopus.

14. The cornea of a shark’s eye is so similar in structure and function to that of a human that it is often used in corneal transplant procedures.

15. Freshwater clams are seldom eaten by humans but are quite popular as aquarium pets.

16. The Beatles song “Octopus’s Garden was written by drummer Ringo Starr.

17. Every squid has three hearts.

18. The band Oysterhead broke up in 2001, but did conduct a one-time reunion tour in 2006.

19. A Clams Casino pizza is a white pizza featuring minced clams, bacon, red onions, chopped peppers and minced garlic.

20. The smallest crab species on Earth is the Pea Crab, measuring at less than one half of an inch in length.

21. After a female salmon lays her eggs, she digs a small pit called a depression where the males can fertilize the eggs. After they do, the female will cover them up with sand.

22. The octopus is the only invertebrate species ever to have been observed using objects as tools.

23. The oldest known shark fossils date back more than 440 million years.

24. Clams are almost exclusively herbivorous, dining chiefly on plankton.

25. Most squid have eight arms, but the Big Fin squid has ten3.

26. Six medium-sized oysters contain about 175 calories.

27. The poor Blobfish is widely considered to be the ugliest animal in the world.

28. Many crab species are solitary, but some live in groups called “casts”. No, we’re not talking about bitter Hollywood stars bucking for higher pay.

29. While few people fry salmon, freshly hatched salmon are referred to as fry.

30. Octopuses will frequently collect shells, rocks, and other items to create fortress-like homes called gardens.

31. Almost every coastal-dwelling culture eats shrimp in one form or another.

32. Unlike whales, dolphins and porpoises, sharks are true fish and not mammals.

33. If a clam’s shell does not open after being cooked, it should be discarded and never eaten.

34. There are more than 2,000 officially recognized varieties of shrimp.

35. Because many squid have eight arms, they are often mistaken for octopuses.

36. There exists a variety of tiny crab that can live symbiotically within the shell of an oyster.

37. While the Blobfish may be considered the ocean’s ugliest creature, the Atlantic Wolf Eel isn’t far behind.

38. A crab’s pregnancy can be as short as just one week.

39. While there are six known species of salmon in the Atlantic Ocean, only one species inhabits the Pacific Ocean exclusively2.

40. The Megamouth shark is so rare that it has been classified as an official shark for less than 30 years.

41. The first Megamouth was spotted off the coast of the Hawaiian islands.

42. Clams have no olfactory system and therefore cannot smell. This may be a blessing, considering the pungent smell that can occur in bogs.

43. Though their legs are quite small, shrimp possess ten of them and therefore qualify as decapods.

44. The only species known to prey on the Giant squid is the Gray whale3.

45. Oysters, like many other marine animals, have the ability to change gender.

46. Like fish, squid breathe through gills.

47. When crabs live together in casts, they are highly collaborative and help each other in providing food and protection1.

48. While most salmon species exist in abundant numbers, there are some lesser known varieties that are on the endangered species list.

49. A Giant clam can live to be well over 100 years old.

50. The exoskeleton of a shrimp is also referred to as its carapace.

51. Benjamin “Bubba” Blue, played by actor Mykelti Williamson was the actor who made the famous shrimp speech in the movie Forrest Gump.

52. Many squid can swim as fast as 25 miles per hour, but they can only do so for short periods of time.

53. Greek mythology holds that the goddess Aphrodite made her first appearance emerging from the ocean atop an oyster shell.

54. Contrary to popular belief, urine is not a particularly effective cure for a jellyfish sting.

55. The average American spends about $45 per capita on seafood each year.

56. If you like salt, you may enjoy anchovies. They are one of the saltiest foods in the world.

57. Most fish have red blood just like humans, due to the presence of the protein hemoglobin.

58. Freshwater fish drink in a way. Through osmosis, they take in freshwater through their bodies to balance out the proportionally high level of salt in their internal systems.

59. A Moray eel is dangerous not just because of the many sharp teeth in its mouth, but also because of the second set of sharp teeth in its throat.

60. The appropriately named Icefish has a natural sort of antifreeze in its blood. This allows it to survive in temperatures that would be cold enough to kill any other fish.





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