Delicious Snack, Lunch & Meat Free Dinner Ideas For Lent


Holidays always tend to creep up on us, but Easter is unique in that it’s never on the same day in two consecutive years. Therefore, it can really sneak up on you before you know it, as can the season of Lent which immediately precedes it. People belonging to some religious faiths are unable to eat meat on Fridays during Lent and others can’t eat meat during the season at all. If you fall in to one of those two groups, or if you’re just someone trying to have a diet that’s a little less meat heavy, then we have some great meat-free meal ideas for lent that you’ll love.

Who can say no to a bowl of piping hot chowder? As New Englanders, it’s one of our defining dishes and it’s one that we’re quite proud of. What some people may not be aware of is that there are many varieties of chowder out there other than just traditional New England clam chowder. There’s clearbroth Rhode Island style, tomato based Manhattan style, crab corn chowder, shrimp corn chowder and lobster bisque. True, lobster bisque doesn’t¬†technically¬†qualify as a chowder but it’s just as delicious and you’ll find it alongside our line of famous chowders at Atlantic Seafood Market.

Choose your chowder! Shown from left to right, starting at the top are Rhode Island clam chowder, crab corn chowder, lobster bisque, Manhattan style clam chowder, New England clam chowder and shrimp corn chowder

Enjoy all of our delicious salmon varieties at Atlantic Seafood Market of Old Saybrook, CT

When it comes to serving the best fresh fish in CT, we are second to none and like to think of ourselves as the sultans of salmon. Walk in through our doors and be find delicious salmon varieties such as Coho, King, Arctic Char, Alaskan, Norwegian, and dark red and mouth-watering Sockeye. All of our salmon varieties are just as healthy as they are delicious. They’re packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to be helpful in treating many brain conditions. People with Alzhiemer’s Disease, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia and autism have all shown to be helped to a degree when Omega-3s become a bigger part of their diet.

We also have salmon burgers which are a great alternative to hamburgers. We also have salmon cakes, along with cod cakes, lobster cakes, and crab cakes. Crabs are another great meat free food that are great for your health. They’re very high in zinc, a mineral nutrient that helps to boost the immune system and facilitate the wound healing process. The same is true of our other shellfish products including shrimp, mussels, oysters and clams. There’s never a bad time for steamers, and with littlenecks, cherrystones and quahogs all at your disposal, we have the right steamers to suit any appetite.

Lemon dill shrimp salad, seafood salad, cucumber dill salad and seaweed salad are just a few of the delicious fully-prepared and meat free salads we offer.

Are you looking for a snack or salad of the vegetarian variety? We’ve got you covered. Our lemon dill shrimp salad, mussel salad, seafood salad, lobster salad and tuna nicoise are Lent-safe salads that will have you coming back for more even on days where you can eat meat. If you’re looking for a salad that doesn’t include seafood, we have plenty to please you with as well. Our coleslaw, Carolina coleslaw, seaweed salad, red cabbage and carrot salad and beet salad all are full of nutrients and are bursting with great taste in every bite. Beets are a particularly healthy food, containing large amounts of Vitamin C and fiber. They’re also great at helping to lower blood pressure.

Delicious, freshly baked gluten-free muffins from Atlantic Seafood Market

If you’re somebody who is looking to go gluten-free or with a paleo diet on top of avoiding meat, we have plenty o’f tasty gluten free and paleo food items for you every day. We feature gluten-free baked goods such as waffles, muffins and biscotti. We also have gluten-free and paleo options including breadcrumbs, vegetarian chili, poached salmon, swordfish meatballs, and gluten-free New England clam chowder. If you’re looking for gluten-free foods in Old Saybrook or paleo foods in Old Saybrook, you need look no further than Atlantic Seafood Market.

No discussion of our meat-free dinner ideas for Lent (or lunch/snack ideas) would be complete without talking a bit about our whitefish. We have nearly any kind of whitefish you could ever ask for. Whether you want to go with a mild, tried & true fish such as Cod, Flounder or Haddock, we have just what we’re looking for. We can also satisfy more adventurous and “fishy” tasting fish lovers with our Chilean Sea Bass, Barramundi, Catfish and Hake. If you’re looking for some white fish, we’ve got the right fish!

Chilean sea bass anyone?

We’d like to wrap things up here by wishing you a safe and happy Easter and a wonderful Lenten season. We hope we’ve provided you with some meal ideas for lent and that we’ll be seeing you come in through our front door soon so we can personally hand them to you.

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