It’s Time to Play Name That Fish!


If you’re looking for an online food quiz, you’ve just found a great one. This specific test, as its name would imply, will measure your seafood IQ by posing a series of 25 multiple choice questions covering a broad range of seafood facts. Write down your answers and match them up with the answer key provided at the end of this article to determine your score.  We’ll remind you that you’re on the honor system here – no cheating by looking up answers online. Now that you know the rules, it’s time to play Name That Fish!

1. I am a cephalopod and I make my home in saltwater areas. I’m often served in my own ink and my specialty for catching prey is stunning them with a light show worthy of the Las Vegas Strip. Who am I?

A. Octopus  B. Cuttlefish  C. Squid  D. Moray Eel

2. I am a fish who sports orange and white stripes. I’m one of the most beautiful fish in the sea, but I have venomous spines that are a real problem for my prey and even for you humans if you cross me. I’m also accused of recently becoming an invasive species in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. Who am I?

A. Filefish  B. Tiger Shark  C. Lionfish  D. Angelfish

3. I’m a very large fish and people in Iceland can’t get enough of me – at least after they’ve decapitated, fermented, and smoked me for hakarl. Nice guys. Who am I?

A. Norwegian Salmon B. Haddock  C. Greenland Shark  D. Monkey-Faced Eel

4. I’m the state fish of Connecticut and have a reputation for being a bit on the bony side. I’m not all that big and rarely will my species grow to weigh more than eight pounds. Who am I?

A. American Shad  B. Walleye  C. Brook Trout  D. Bluefish

5. Guess what kind of salmon I am by checking out one of my delicious fillets. Who am I?

Sockeye Salmon


A. Atlantic Salmon  B. Sockeye Salmon  C. Coho Salmon  D. King Salmon

6. I am the largest crab in the world. I boats a leg span of 12 feet and can easily top 40 lbs in weight. Who am I?

A. Alaskan King Crab  B. Jonah Crab  C. Atlantic Blue Crab  D. Japanese Spider Crab

7. Poor me. I’ve been officially voted as not only the worst-looking fish in the sea, but also the ugliest animal on the planet. Who am I?

A. Fangtooth  B. Pufferfish  C. Stonefish  D. Blobfish

8. I’m a mammal and not a fish. I possess lungs and a blowhole and teeth rather than baleen. I have a rounded body and have a name derived from the French word for “Sea Hog”. Who am I?

A. Dolphin  B. Porpoise  C. Orca  D. Whale Shark

9. I am one of the most poisonous fish in the world and also one of the hardest to see since my colors blend in so easily with the ocean floor. I’m found in many places, including the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Who am I?

A. Lionfish  B. Sand Shark  C. Manta Ray  D. Stonefish

10. I’m one of the few animals in the fish world who forms monogamous relationships. I’m also a very slow swimmer and in some countries, they think I can cure impotence. Who am I?

A. Nudebranch  B. Mahi Mahi  C. Seahorse  D. Sea Robin

11. Can you tell what kind of delicious shellfish I am from my picture?

A. Bluepoint Oyster  B. Malpeque Oyster  C. PEI Mussel  D. Cherrystone Clam

12. I play a starring role in many popular fish dishes, but especially in the UK. In England they love me in a fish and chips platter and in Scotland I’m the crux of their beloved Finnan Haddie. Who am I?

A. Cod  B. Haddock  C. Perch  D. Flounder

13. I am the official state fish of more states than any other species in America. The heaviest representative of my species ever caught was hooked right here in Connecticut and weighed in at 81.88lbs. Who am I?

A. Hake  B. Cod  C. Striped Bass  D. Channel Bass

14. I am a crustacean that is rather small in size but big on color. In fact, I’m one of the most colorful animals in the world. I also have some of the most complex eyes of any animal on Earth. Who am I?

A. Mandarinfish  B. Candy Basslett C. Flame Shell Clam  D. Mantis Shrimp

15. It’ll take a well-trained and seafood-savvy eye to recognize me just from my fillet, which is pictured below. Who am I?

A. Tilapia  B. Hake  C. Sole  D. Halibut

16. I’m a crab who lives almost exclusively on the east coast of the United States. I have big flaws and look feisty, but am actually known for my exceedingly non-aggressive nature. Who am I?

A. Dungeness Crab  B. Jonah Crab  C. Fiddler Crab  D. Atlantic Blue Crab

17. I am a shark that is found off the coast of every continent except for Antarctica. I vary greatly in size, measuring anywhere from 3 to 20 feet in length at maturity. My teeth can fossilize, but my bones cannot. Who am I?

A. Hammerhead shark  B. Great White shark  C. Whale shark  D. Sand shark

18. I can live to be more than 100 years old and throughout my life, I never stop growing. While usually brown, I have been observed in colors of yellow, blue, green and white, sometimes with two colors split down the middle of my body. My internal organs are referred to as tomalley. Who am I?

A. Dungeness Crab  B. Octopus  C. Lobster  D. Crayfish

19. I’m a popular ingredient in up-and-coming sushi restaurants. I certainly don’t look appetizing, but beneath my hard shell lies a tasty treat. Some of my main predators include starfish, triggerfish and wolf eels. Who am I?

A. Sea Pineapple  B. Krill  C. Sea Urchin  D. Chiton

20. I’m a famous lobster who was caught off the coast of New Brunswick at the age of 75. The lobsterman who caught me thought I was too scared-looking to be boiled up, so I’m being allowed to happily live out my life in an aquarium. Which famous lobster am I?

A. Lenny  B. Leroy  C. Larry  D. Louie

21. Based on my picture of some of my relatives, can you tell what kind of shellfish I am?

A. Oyster  B. Clam  C. Scallop  D. Mussel

22. They’re very hard to see with the naked (human eye) but I possess several eyes in unconventional places on my body, all of which are blue. Who am I?

A. Scallop  B. Cuttlefish  C. Razor Clam  D. Axolotl

23. One of my nicknames is “Silver”. I’ve naturally lived in the Northern Pacific Ocean for years, but have been introduced by man to the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes. Within the past decade, my numbers have inexplicably increased in Oregon. Who am I?

A. Rainbow Trout  B. Sea Bass  C. King Salmon  D. Coho Salmon

24. I’m viewed as one of the dangerous bullies of the ocean, but in reality I much more often flee than fight. I’ve been known to collaborate with other sea creatures in my hunting exploits and can live in both freshwater and saltwater. Who am I?

A. Electric Eel  B. Manta Ray  C. Moray Eel  D. Barracuda

25. Take a look at one of my steaks, which is pictured below, and see if you can guess what kind of fish I am. Who am I?

A. Yellowfin tuna  B. Swordfish  C. Chilean Sea Bass  D. Mahi Mahi

Okay, you’ve now made it through all 25 questions on Name that Fish and it’s time to see how you did! We hope you remembered to write down your answers as you went along, because now is the time to compare your answers with the correct answers provided in the answer key.

1.B  2.C  3.C  4.A  5.B  6.D  7.D  8.B  9.D  10.C  11.A  12.B  13.C  14.D  15.B  16.B  17.A  18.C  19.C  20.B  21.D  22.A  23.D  24. C  25.B

Now it’s time to compute your score. For every correct answer you received, give yourself 4 points. When you’re done and have your total score. Here’s how the final scores break down:

90-100 points = A – You’re truly a wizard of seafood knowledge.

80-89 points = B – Not too shabby; you certainly know your fish.

70-79 points = C – You may not know all the answers, but you’ve obviously done your homework over the years

60-69 points = D – Passable, but you could stand to brush up on your fish trivia a bit.

59 points or less = F – It’s not all bad, now you have an excuse to read up on (and eat some more) delicious fish!

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