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If you’re anything like the vast majority of people, you still have some loose ends still waiting to be tied when it comes to your holiday plans. Whether it be finding the perfect gift, trying to come up with a meal that pleases everyone, or just a matter of trying to be the guest who brings the best appetizer to the party, this post will have what you’re looking for. Read on and let your last-minute holiday stress melt away.

Our Deluxe/Frisbee Platter

First and foremost, we’d like to talk a bit about our seafood holiday platters. These seafood party platters are great for any occasion, but are especially handy when you want to feed a lot of hungry people at once. When this is the goal that you’re face with, one of our best platters to go with is our Frisbee Platter, which also goes by the name of Deluxe Platter. This one has just about everything a seafood lover could ever want. Order this platter and you’ll find generous portions of White gulf shrimp with our signature cocktail sauce, succulent fresh-picked lobster meat, jumbo lump crab meat, grilled colossal shrimp with mustard sauce and yellowfin tuna along with seaweed salad. Just reading that description is enough to make one feel full!

If you’re looking for a more specific kind of platter, we can help you with that too. If poached salmon is your thing, then you’ll love our platter of the same name. Our poached salmon platter features delicious salmon poached in white wine and topped with fresh cucumbers. We also offer a platter featuring fresh Scottish salmon garnished with capers, red onions, cream fraiche and pumpernickel toast points. Like smoked fish? We have smoked fish platters in three varieties – Atlantic salmon, bluefish, and trout.

Our classic shrimp cocktail platter

If you want a platter that keeps it simple without sacrificing flavor, then our shrimp cocktail platter will have you on cloud nine. We make this seafood party platter with fresh, never frozen white gulf shrimp that is free of all preservatives, growth hormones, or artificial flavoring (though this describes all of our seafood offerings). Along with a heaping portion of delicious shrimp, you’ll also receive our famous shrimp cocktail sauce, perfect for dipping or even sampling by the spoonful if you’re a hardcore sauce fan.


Pictured clockwise starting from the top left are our fish pate appetizer, herring in white wine sauce, bacon wrapped scallops and stuffed clams.

Maybe you don’t need a full-fledged platter and would rather go in another direction. No problem. We have a full line of appetizers and delicious salads that are as delicious as they are good for you. We have steamers, muscles, and oysters to satisfy shellfish lovers as well as Maryland and Maine crab meat. Our classic bacon wrapped scallops are always a hit with anyone who tries them and our wide assortment of seafood and non-seafood salads simply can’t be beat.

Who doesn’t love a fun lobster tee shirt?

We offer several holiday gifts and accessories that are of a non-edible nature as well. If you want to do your own cooking rather than buying a platter or salad, we have cookbooks penned by famous chef Dorie Greenspan to help you along the way. We also offer gift certificates for any seafood lover on your holiday shopping list as well as some snappy seafood-centered attire.

We realize that for some people, presentation is everything. With that in mind, we stock and sell beautiful locally crafted pottery in many shapes, colors, and style. Most of these follow a seafood motif and are the perfect vessel in which to serve your holiday treats from Atlantic Seafood; it’s pretty much the only thing that could possibly make them more appetizing than they already are.

Beautiful hand-crafted pottery along with Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this article, it is our sincere hope that we’ve helped to calm your nerves a bit and supplied you with a few ideas to help you through any holiday preparation woes. Be the host with the most or the guest who’s the best by serving delicious Atlantic Seafood Market holiday platters on artisan pottery at your holiday parties this year. All that’s left to say is thank you for another year of your business and to wish happy holidays to all and a happy new year!


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