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This afternoon I stepped out of the bitter cold into the cozy shop that is Atlantic Seafood and was engulfed in a cloudburst of everything seafood. Opposite me were cases boasting the fresh cuts of fish that have the Atlantic Seafood website plastered with rave reviews on freshness and quality. To the  side of the fish was an array of tantalizing salads – many of which I had never seen before. Along the windows were counters adorned with various seasonings and sauces, several home made. A corner showcased a potpourri of breads and baked goods, the perfect accompaniment to a hot bowl of chowder (available here as well) on a frigid night. Shelves of fully prepared, frozen gourmet seafood dishes led toward a cash register flanked by myriad flavors of fish jerky. Yes, Atlantic Seafood is renowned for its freshly caught fish – but a  quick look around the store proves that this repetitively Zagat – rated business is worlds more than that.  You can come into Atlantic Seafood and leave with a full meal – healthy, prepared,  and at a price that can’t be beat.


Atlantic Seafood is set apart from other seafood vendors in that it has its own gourmet chef! With his over 25 years of experience working in exclusive restaurants, Chef Jerry is able to bring a five star experience to the table at Atlantic Seafood. Have you ever heard of swordfish meatballs? Flounder wrapped around a crab stuffing? These are some of the many creations by Chef Jerry which include entrees, sides, soups, salads, and dressings.

Atlantic Seafood’s Spinach / Feta Salmon

“If you can  boil water, you’ve got a gourmet seafood meal in 10 minutes” This line from the Atlantic Seafood website sums up the convenience of its pre – made entrees and sides. Main dishes are vacuum sealed in pouches and can be combined with any one (or two, or more!) seafood or non – seafood sides. All are, as everything at Atlantic Seafood tends to be, preservative free. On any given day, you can come into the store and choose your entree with sides to create a unique gourmet meal for your family at a bargain price. Then you can go home, heat up the food, and spend the rest of the night relaxing with your loved ones. Its that simple! When you come to Atlantic Seafood to buy a meal you’ll be delighted with the selection of creative dishes at your fingertips such as Lobster Tilapia and Crab Stuffed Flounder.  Sides include rice pilaf, carrots with lemon grass and dill, roasted potatoes, and many others – some changing on a seasonal basis.  You can have a meal that might have taken hours of time to prepare (not to mention the cleanup!), available to your family in minutes. You can also have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the right thing for your loved ones by providing a real,  nutritious meal rather than snatching up fast food.

Carolina Coleslaw

Atlantic seafood uses its own fresh Ahi tuna in the creation of its tuna salad.

In addition to its prepared meals, Atlantic Seafood offers a wide range of salads. While I was at the store today, I purchased some of the Carolina Coleslaw – which I learned is unlike traditional coleslaw in that it is made with a non – mayonnaise vinegar sauce. The salad, clearly fresh, was as vibrant a party of flavor as it was of color.  The cabbage, pepper, carrot, and other ingredients  combined perfectly into this sweet yet tangy treat. On tasting the tuna salad, I could tell immediately that this was not something scooped out of a can and tossed onto a plate with mayonnaise. In order to create this salad,  the staff of Atlantic Seafood combines its own famously fresh Ahi tuna with capers, mayonnaise, and cured lemons to form a special food all its own.

On future visits to Atlantic Seafood, I will be sure to try some of the other salads. These range from wild rice with mandarin oranges to Connecticut lobster salad to a seaweed salad! There are also many sauces and salad dressings made on site by Chef Jerry. Come summer, these foods will make delicious alternatives for meals when it is too hot to bother with the stove, and would also be great highlights at a cookout.

New England Clam Chowder

For now, though, I can see why a large sign for the hot, homemade soups available at Atlantic Seafood is posted on the front of the store. On entering today, I was welcomed by the smell of some of these piping hot offerings. The soups at Atlantic Seafood are handmade and include traditional favorites as well as more novel options. New England, Manhattan, and Rhode Island clam chowders are prepared, as are shrimp bisque and Maryland crab and vegetable soup. One can warm up with one of these soups or bring home enough for the whole family for a low price.

Do you suffer from an allergy to gluten, celiac disease, depression, IBS, or Alzheimer’s disease? If so, then your symptoms could be eased by a diet that includes some of the many gluten – free food options provided at Atlantic Seafood. There, a nutritious almond flour rather than wheat flour is used in gluten – free products. Baked foods without gluten such as muffins, waffles, and biscotti are sold as well as vegetarian chili and even entire meals like poached salmon! Atlantic Seafood is also a source of a variety of foods for those following a Paleo diet.

Muffins are among the several gluten – free menu options available at Atlantic Seafood.

Whether you are on the Paleo diet, avoiding gluten, or not,  Atlantic Seafood has something for you. Next time you’re rushing home from a late night at work, exhausted but faced with the necessity of creating a meal for your family, stop by. Browse the many options, pick out your gourmet dinner, and make your worries history.


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