A One Stop Valentine’s Day Meal to Remember


Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, as  is the deadline for all of your plans with that special someone to come together in one spectacular display of  your affection. Not ready? Drop by Atlantic Seafood and have dinner all set in  one stop!  Atlantic Seafood is offering all you need for a memorable dinner from appetizer to dessert, as usual at excellent quality and modest prices.

shrimp cocktail

Why not begin the meal with the elegance of shrimp cocktail? This is a dish made up of cold cooked shrimp4 served with a spiced sauce, which has been an upscale favorite in the U.S. since the 19th century5. The cocktail sauce is a mixture of prepared horseradish  with chili or ketchup – often also used with Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and / or Tabasco sauce6. As usual, the shrimp in Atlantic Seafood’s shrimp cocktail will be completely preservative – free.

Cucumber Dill Salad

Cucumber Dill Salad

While we’re speaking of shrimp, it’s important to mention that in place of or as a side after the shrimp cocktail, Atlantic Seafood’s lemon dill shrimp salad is available. This is a serious favorite of Atlantic Seafood customers, and is handmade along with a rainbow of other salads from cole slaw to seaweed salad to mussel salad! Atlantic Seafood truly has a salad for everyone. All you have to do is pick out the one that would most delight your sweetheart, adding a personal touch to the meal.

Dill Shrimp Salad

Lemon Dill Shrimp Salad, an Atlantic Seafood Favorite.

For the main course Atlantic Seafood will be offering (and cooking at no extra cost to you!) fresh Maine hard shell lobster. If you haven’t heard of the fact that there are hard and soft shell American lobsters, you’ll be glad to know that Atlantic Seafood has made a point of procuring for you the variety of the two that will automatically give you and your loved one the most meat for your money1. Lobsters shed their outer covering (the shell) repeatedly throughout their lives as they grow. This is a process known as molting2. Whether a lobster is soft shell or hard shell depends on how recently it has molted1.

As might be suspected, a soft shell lobster is a lobster that has molted relatively recently – meaning that its shell is new and weaker. Inside this shell, in addition to the meat, is extra space for it to grow into filled by water. A hard shelled lobster, by contrast, has not molted for a long time and its meat has therefore fully grown into the (stronger) shell. All of this means that if you have a soft shell lobster and a hard shell lobster of the same size side by side, the hard shell lobster – like the ones that Atlantic Seafood is offering – will have more meat and give you a more filling meal 1.



A note about some of the more surprising things that you might find inside a lobster. If there is a brilliant red substance at the top of the inside of the tail, it is lobster eggs (roe). You can eat this by itself if you would like or (provided you have enough female lobsters) use it in recipes. Inside the portion of the lobster’s body in front of the tail, you will see a mass of green material. This is actually the pancreas and liver of the lobster, known as the tomalley. Like roe, the tomalley can be eaten – though some prefer to discard it. Enough tomalley can once again be used in recipes3.

Once you have finished dinner, top it off with one of Atlantic Seafood’s excellent desserts. Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate! Chocolate mousse, a dish that originated in France as “mousse au chocolat” will be available (mousse in French means foam)8. You will also have the option of scrumptious chocolate lava cake – a cake with a rich, fluid center that is believed to have originated from cake taken from the oven too soon and renamed in a pinch. Little did the person who messed up with the cake know that the result would be a wildly popular hit!


To reserve the foods for your dinner, you can call Atlantic Seafood any time from now to the afternoon of Valentine’s Day at (860) 388-4527.

A happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


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