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A riddle: What do Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles, the sound of a symphony, and the color green have in common? The magic of a winning combination. Just the right components came together  and, in joining, became something greater than any could have become alone. Think of it for a minute. Van Gogh would not have gotten very far as an artist had he painted the canvas in only blue. A single note does not make an impression until it unites with others in just the right way to make music. Winning combinations also occur in seafood, and result in meals to remember. Pairing great fish with just the right produce makes it something more extraordinary than either ingredient would have been on its own. I’m reminded of the salmon and asparagus recipe  from the March blog post. The fish and the asparagus worked together. The asparagus was warmed with a meatier flavor while the fish took on a new tang from the asparagus and lemon juice. Here are some of the types of seafood available in Connecticut now and / or into the summer, as well as the fruit and vegetable sides that bring out their best qualities.






“…a fish with personality (Clark 2015)” aptly describes bluefish in a meal13. The flavor of  the fish’s dark flesh2 is known to be strong, to the point of becoming unpleasant if it has sat for even slightly too long13. Due to its bold flavor, bluefish will not be overshadowed by a side with powerful flavor.  This opens up the possibilities of pepper, various herbs, ginger, or garlic as complimentary sides13. A flavorful recipe for bluefish salad can be assembled by combining bluefish with broccoli, spinach, or other vegetables. Additional sides like grilled greens, rice or mashed potato work as well2.


The dark, flavorful, and somewhat oily flesh of bluefish.




American Shad


‘A porcupine fled into the water and was turned inside out to become the shad’ states a Native American saying quoted by Hank Shaw in his online article “Eating and Cooking American Shad”. The saying illustrates the main problem with this fish that has become synonymous with spring in Connecticut – it is loaded with bones, some quite small and difficult to remove. Once this problem is overcome, however (and there are ways to overcome it, one given here), one is rewarded with a seafood experience bar – none8.


When eating shad, one must be careful to avoid the bones.


Shad has a rich flavor, due to its heaviness in fats and omega – 3 fatty acids. This renders the fish perfect for the cakes, salads, and fritters in which it often shows up. Some even cook the shad’s eggs in bacon fat to create a food that tastes like meatballs. The full – bodied taste of shad makes it, like the bluefish, an ideal partner for more pungent sides that can’t be paired with most fish. These include tomato sauce, garlic, and / or chili peppers. Milder side options include french fries, other forms of potato, and green vegetables8.


Shad served alongside salad greens.




Smooth Dogfish


The dogfish is actually a small type of shark common off the East coast – and an up – and – coming culinary star. Both the smooth and spiny dogfish are gaining popularity in Europe and elsewhere11. Dogfish can be used as a stand – in for cod in fish and chips9, or as an ingredient in soups as is customary in France. Other uses for the versatile dogfish include tacos and sushi – paired with the vegetables known to be in these foods11. Dogfish can also be dressed up into a gourmet dish, as it is when garnished with a variety of Italian sauces9. It is unfortunate that dogfish is not yet as widely used here in the US, as it is a very plentiful species here. Most dogfish caught in US waters end up being exported to other places that have learned their merits11.



Summer lobster in New England. Need I say more? Yes! In addition to the classic foods enjoyed with this treat such as cole slaw, baked potato and corn on the cob, there are great alternatives that you shouldn’t let yourself miss out on. Lobster is said to have a subtle yet excellent flavor, and so in choosing what to serve with it one must be careful not to select something that will steal the lobster’s special shine. Salads such as tomato and cucumber, Caesar or green bean compliment lobster well. Baby carrots in a sweet brown sugar glaze lend a unique touch to a lobster dinner, as do broccoli and string beans with Parmesean cheese grated on top12.

Speaking of winning combinations, this year Atlantic Seafood will once again be joined Viggiano’s seasonal farm stand. Obviously, a farm stand that has managed to flourish for five generations must be doing something very right. Stop by on your next visit to Atlantic Seafood and see how! By combining the freshest and highest quality in seafood with the freshest and highest quality in produce, you will be able to produce the dishes mentioned here and so many possible others should you chose to get creative. Atlantic Seafood and Viggiano’s produce stand will allow you to make family meals that soar to new heights of healthy and amazing.


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