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There’s another side to Atlantic Seafood that deserves to be mentioned – especially as holiday season 2018 descends upon us.  Atlantic seafood is a great place to go gift shopping for anyone on your list. The store is surprisingly full of wonderful and unique gifts that are hard to find anywhere else. One thing that makes the gifts at Atlantic Seafood special is that, in choosing them, the company continues its mission to be an asset to the community. Many of the items being sold are from small local businesses that you’ll be delighted to find are so close by. Why not impress with a creative gift and at the same time support local business? Following are some of the many holiday gift offerings awaiting you this year at Atlantic Seafood.


Cooking Supplies

Beeswax bowl covers.

One gift for the kitchen that’s sure to surprise and please is the beeswax bowl cover. These sheets of beeswax work like plastic wrap to cover containers of food, but are reusable – dramatically cutting down the amount of plastic wrap you’d have to dispose into the environment. Simply wash the sheets in typical soap and water between uses.  Beeswax bowl covers come in a variety of pretty colors and designs.

Atlantic Seafood also sells tools for preparing seafood, such as oyster knives and shrimp deveiners. Shrimp deveiners reduce the hard work of getting shrimp ready to eat – peeling them, cleaning them, and removing the veins4. For cooking seafood, your loved one will likely enjoy one of the wooden grilling planks available. Grilling seafood atop one of these slabs soaked with water imparts a smoky flavor, which varies depending on the type of wood used. You can choose from alder, maple, sugar maple, cedar, cherry, black cherry, and olive. An excellent companion gift for one of the planks is a Grilling Plank Saver – a tray that holds the plank on the grill and prolongs its life.



What more convenient gift to receive on a cold winter day than a cozy woolen hat or pair of gloves? Atlantic Seafood sells gloves and hats made by hand at Beaver Brook Farm right in Lyme, CT. The wool used is from the farm’s own flock of sheep.  Cranky socks, so – called because they are made on an antique device called a crank loom, are also offered. These socks boast a rich blend of angora, silk, and wool. For a more light – hearted gift, you might pick up a “Say no to pot” tee shirt featuring a protesting lobster.


Deli Foods

You can go to Atlantic Seafood to find many foods other than fish. The store has so many deli foods that you can get creative and assemble them into your own personalized gift basket! Among the options to choose from are Bella Vitano cheeses flavored with raspberry or merlot, chorizo (a type of spicy sausage) and vegan pate made with mushroom. You can even introduce someone to fish jerky!

Atlantic Seafood also carries pastas and sauces. Pastas are handmade and from the family company Durante’s Pasta that is based in West Haven, Connecticut. The noodles range from traditional to squid ink spaghetti for the more adventurous diner. Pair whatever pasta you  choose with a hearty sauce by the company, Natural Value – tomato basil, marinara, or Portobello mushroom.


Crackers, Cookies and Sweets

One can find a variety of crackers to accent a gift basket at Atlantic Seafood. Some of the crackers are produced by an Australian company called Olina’s Bakehouse. Hand – baked and gluten – free, these crackers are made sturdy to keep them from crumbling. They make a tasty snack on their own, or pair well with cheeses or dip1. Choose from natural, cracked pepper, and sesame varieties. Harvest Stone crackers are also available – made with whole grains certified to be non – GMO. The Harvest Stone company adds safflower oil, beneficial to the heart, to its rice and also uses sesame of a distinct strain known to have a taste all its own2.

In case you’re buying for someone with a sweet tooth, Atlantic Seafood also offers cookies. Savor brand cookies are made by the Connecticut company Savor Fine Foods, founded by Connecticut native Andre Kreft. A Savor cookie is usually shortbread blended with unusual ingredients to create a true flavor adventure – making it the ideal gift to surpise someone who enjoys trying exotic foods. At Atlantic Seafood discover Savor’s Naugatuck (birch, maple, and cranberry), Jacqueline (garlic and lime), Dried Shallot, and Geneva (lemon and poppy seed) flavors3.

Kids on your list will go crazy over the Elderberry Gummy Kit by Fat Rock Farm. The gummy snacks made with this kit are healthy yet loved by children, and are free of corn syrup and preservatives. The easy process of making the gummies takes only a half hour. Elderberries themselves have been being used since the times of the Ancient Egyptians as a remedy for various health problems. Elderberry can be employed as a natural treatment for colds, allergies, and perhaps even cancer9.


Coatings and Seasonings

Long after the holidays are over, your friends and loved ones will relish cooking with the many coatings and seasonings that you bought them from Atlantic Seafood. There is fish breading mix from the New Orleans company for enhancing a seafood dinner, and also chunks of pink Himalayan salt that come with their own grater. Himalayan salt draws its pink color from the often healthy trace minerals that it contains6. As it is less processed than table salt, Himalayan salt does not have the amounts of unhealthy chemicals common to table salt. Himalayan salt is also believed to ameliorate problems of the respiratory system and to help keep the pH of the body balanced. This aids with immunity and with digestion5. You can also treat the person you’re gifting with a plate or mortar  and pestle made of Himalayan salt. Maldon sea salt can also make good seafood great with its flavor, and is unlike most table salt in being free of artificial added ingredients while being allowed to retain beneficial trace elements normally found in sea water8.



Is someone in your life struggling with a medical issue that doctors can’t seem to understand? Plagued by apparent thyroid issues? If so, then the books in the Medical Medium series  by Anthony William are the gifts for them. Anthony William is a New York Times bestselling author who has over and over again demonstrated a psychic ability to understand medical issues. As a child, for example, William was the first to diagnose his grandmother with lung cancer. In his book, Medical Medium, William gives unconventional insight into why he believes certain health issues arise and how to solve them. William does this in hopes that people with mysterious disorders that modern medicine has yet to  to fathom can regain health without having to wait for the technology to help them to be developed. Life – Changing Foods is another of Williams’ books, which sheds new light on the health benefits of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The actual causes of symptoms conventionally believed to be due to the thyroid malfunctioning are the focus of a third book by Williams, Thyroid Healing7. All three books are available at Atlantic Seafood.



When you walk into Atlantic Seafood your eyes will be drawn immediately to the huge, elaborate, shells displayed by the window. These shells are actually conversation piece – worthy dishes made by the Canadian Mussels and More pottery company. Mussesls and More was created by a husband and wife team who are clearly doing what they love, and who now run the business with the help of their daughter and her fiancé. Beautiful, generously – sized ocean – themed mugs from Mussels and More are also special gifts to receive. Give usable mugs and dishes that are also works of art!



Fence posts converted into beautiful decorative art by Annie Averill of Chester.

Colorful maritime art for decorating the home adorns the shelves of Atlantic Seafood as well, and makes an ideal gift.  The artwork is by Chester, Connecticut’s own  Annie Averill. Come and see the array of Averill ‘s work, which includes paintings for hanging as well as big, vibrantly colored fish made from re – purposed fence posts.

Have a look around the store next time you’re at Atlantic Seafood, and if you’ll likely end up spending quite a while discovering all there is to see for the  holiday shopper. There certainly was not enough time to mention everything here. The small store is crammed with hidden treasures, which will show that you put thought into the gifts that you gave rather than having quickly snagged something from the nearest department store. Give gifts that not only will be appreciated but that will foster local businesses and make your recipients aware of all that these close by companies have to offer.


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