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As you’re bounding ahead in your holiday 2018 gift search at Atlantic Seafood – admiring the exquisite detail in a mussel – shaped serving dish, marveling at the softness of a home made cranky sock, or assembling a deli gift basket – don’t forget that you’re also at the best seafood market in Connecticut! Put together your holiday celebration with seafood from a market that has been repeatedly Zagat – rated and praised in the New York Times. Atlantic Seafood has everything you need to make your holiday table dazzle, from artistic appetizer platters to entrees to salads! Here is a sampling of but a few of your options.




Smoked Salmon Platter

The Smoked Salmon Platter features Scottish smoked salmon, delicately sliced and accompanied by capers, red onions, crème fraiche, and wedges of pumpernickel bread. The platter serves eight to ten people but can be made larger by request.

Shrimp Cocktail Platter

Should you prefer shrimp to fish, Atlantic Seafood also prepares the ultimate shrimp cocktail platter. This offering hits the ball out of the park by combining Atlantic Seafood’s preservative – free Gulf shrimp (other posts have explained why this shrimp is truly a gem) with its well – known scrumptious shrimp cocktail sauce. Dill and lemons complete the package. The shrimp cocktail platter is available from a two pound size that serves six to eight to a ten – pound mountain of shrimp that will satisfy forty or more people. Of course, Atlantic Seafood shrimp are always available by the pound cooked or raw should you wish to prepare your own appetizer.


Poached Salmon Platter

For an opening dish sure to impress, try the Poached Salmon Platter. This platter is actually edible art, with all of the foods assembled into a giant fish.  Chilled salmon, poached using white wine, is tucked under cucumber slice “scales”. Lemon, dill, and capers are also included, along with two side sauces that you can choose from the array made in – house. The Poached Salmon Platter is made up of three to three and a half pounds of salmon.

Deluxe Seafood Platter, in this instance with additional shrimp substituted for the crab claws.

The Deluxe Seafood Platter, also known as the Frisbee Platter, is just the thing to please a crowd of people with a variety of tastes in food. There are seared tuna slices served with wasabi, lime, ginger and seaweed salad, traditional shrimp cocktail with Atlantic Seafood’s sauce and lemons, the freshest of picked lobster meat with remoulade sauce for dipping, and crab claws with mustard sauce. The Deluxe Seafood Platter feeds ten  to twelve people, and can also be made larger by request.

With all that there is to get done as the holidays close in, we can all use a time saver like an appetizer completely prepared by a prestigious chef. How about scallops from right here in Connecticut (Stonington) wrapped in bacon? You can also buy clams casino prepared and frozen. If you are looking for just the right garnish for either an Atlantic Seafood purchase or  a creation of your own, be sure to check out the lineup of “topppers” made in –  store – ranging from remoulade to mango. You also won’t want to miss the baked crab dip.

Crab cakes are another enticing Atlantic Seafood appetizer, and are a food that you can feel comfortable serving to just about anyone. Crab cakes pair well with both formal and casual foods1. There are also lobster, salmon dill, and cod cakes available.


The Main Meal

Another great thing about crab cakes is that they are  as appropriate presented as the entrée as they are served as appetizers1. Consequently, you may consider Atlantic Seafood’s crab cakes for this part of the meal instead.  Also popular at Atlantic Seafood around the holidays are the legs of the humungous king crab, and these are in ample supply in the store right now.


The king crab is actually quite an amazing animal – with a leg span as wide as six feet, weighing up to 24 pounds, and living up to thirty years6. Though there are more than 100 king crab species6 scattered all over the world7, Alaska is where the most king crab fishing takes place and where Atlantic Seafood’s king crab legs come from. Golden, blue, and red king crabs are most commonly sought by the Alaska fishing industry6 and are known for their unique7, sweet taste8.

A king crab.

When king crab fishermen first obtain their catch, keeping it fresh to preserve the taste is a huge priority.  The legs are cooked as soon as the boat reaches land – or even aboard the boat – and then blast – frozen. As a result, king crab legs that you buy are pre – cooked. Preparing the crab legs is only about heating them up again. This heating can be done in four to ten minutes if baking, steaming, or microwave heating is used. It is advised that the legs not be boiled as this can also ruin their flavor. Once you have thawed the legs you can keep them refrigerated for up to two days – though it is best to cook them right after defrosting8.

Twice baked potatoes – an excellent side for a meal of king crab legs.

Not only can king crab legs be prepared quickly, but they can be served in so many different ways. The meat can be used to make crab salad8 or can be dipped in a variety of cocktail sauces. Melted butter with garlic, lemon zest, or lemon juice can also be used. As they are considered to be finger food, one can present king crab legs along with other finger foods like French fries. Mashed, baked, or twice baked potatoes are also ideal sides. Additional companions that work well are corn on the cob or seasoned, steamed artichokes, broccoli, asparagus, grilled vegetables, potato salad, or a salad of green beans, white beans, tomato and basil9.

Artichokes are another food that works well with a crab leg entrée.

The top – quality fish also found at Atlantic Seafood is often used to prepare the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This is an Italian Christmas Eve feast which  arose from a customary fast from meat on this night. Though it isn’t certain what the significance of the number seven is, most theories are that it has Catholic religious meaning such as standing for the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. Many Italian families customarily prepare a different number of fish such as ten or thirteen – also numbers with religious significance. The fish are normally served in a buffet manner3.

Whelk species can be used to make scungilli.

People choose Atlantic Seafood as a place to shop for the Feast of the Seven Fishes because it offers so many of the common and less common seafoods traditionally prepared. Examples of some of these seafoods are scungilli (sea snail cut into pieces), octopus, mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, and lobster10. Lobster is a special and delicious main course for any meal, and recall that Atlantic Seafood’s lobster never has growth hormones, preservatives, added color, or pesticides.


Atlantic Seafood’s octopus salad.

The same premium Maine lobster meat is also sold picked – freed up for all kinds of side dishes. Examples include lobster salad, soups, stews, and pasta recipes12. There is also picked crab meat, fresh from Maine and Maryland crabs. The meat can be used in crab salad, crab chowder, or seafood salad. More adventurous crab recipes include salmon – stuffed crab cakes, Asian fried crab balls, and Caribbean Crab Cakes Benedict 11.

Atlantic Seafood’s mussel salad.

 Alternately, you could choose one of Atlantic Seafood’s house – made salads for an instant crowd pleaser. Many seek out the lemon dill shrimp salad, octopus salad, mussel salad, conch salad, or calamari salad. All of these salads are prepared in a robust Italian – style vinaigrette with diced onion, black olives, and celery. As usual, Atlantic Seafood offers a potpourri of pre – made soups that make instant holiday pleasers, along with assorted breads.


Atlantic Seafood’s conch salad.

Despite the many joys of the holiday season, holiday stress is a real thing. Guest lists, the gift search, and sending cards all vie for attention in your already busy life. When you buy from Atlantic Seafood, though, you can cross the worries about feeding your guests poor quality or unhealthy seafood off your list. To order seafood ahead of time for a dinner on Christmas, just make sure to call Atlantic Seafood by December 20.


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