Lisa Feinman, Owner of CT Seafood Market Atlantic Seafood

Lisa Feinman, Owner of Connecticut Seafood Market Atlantic SeafoodLisa Feinman has been the owner of Atlantic Seafood Market for more than a decade. Her greatest interest, of course, lies in ensuring that Atlantic Seafood provides the best seafood in Connecticut each and every day. However, she also enjoys scouting other fish markets, searching for new recipes, and finding new and innovative equipment.

“Owning a fresh seafood market has given me a sense of purpose in the community. Seafood is a delicious part of a health-promoting diet. It gives me a great sense of pride to offer the best the seafood industry has to offer.”

Lisa also loves supporting charities and local venues.

Jerry Doran, Chef

Chef Jerry of Atlantic Seafood of Old Saybrook, providing the best seafood in CTAtlantic Seafood’s own gourmet seafood chef Jerry has worked in high-volume, 5-star restaurants for more than 25 years, including the Four Seasons in Boston, the La Cremaillere in Pound Ridge, New York, and the Meeting House in Bedford Village, New York.

He has worked side by side with culinary talents that are now nationally recognized in the restaurant world, including David Burke, Waldy Malouf, and Paul Albrecht.

Jerry’s style is “Less is more,” and his favorite line is “Don’t over think it.” He has an ability to combine flavors that compliment each other without masking.
Jerry has a true passion for creative gourmet cooking and it shows in all of his unique seafood creations. When he’s not busy preparing the best seafood in Connecticut, he enjoys engaging in his other passion, playing bluegrass banjo.

Charlie Bailow, Chef’s Assistant

Charlie Bailow, assistant chef at Old Saybrook, Connecticut Fish Market Atlantic SeafoodAsk Charlie what he loves to do and he’ll blurt without hesitation, “I love to eat!”

Growing up in Martha’s Vineyard, Charlie always loved preparing and eating food. He feels at home in the kitchen, and has done and been everything from washing dishes to food prep, a line cook to a sous chef. His favorite part of working in the kitchen is learning new dishes and techniques. And, of course, dining out and taste-testing is the best way to learn!

He has worked in numerous restaurants including The Black Dog in Martha’s Vineyard, Zinc in New Haven, and Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook.

Charlie graduated from the University of Connecticut. He is married and is the proud father of two children, Sampson and Gracie. His hobbies include cooking, gardening, and puppetry.

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