Health Benefits of Fish

Amazing Benefits of Fish


You know fish is good for you. But did you know how good? High-quality fish, like we sell at Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, are filled with healthy vitamins, minerals and essential oils to keep you running strong. We sell salmon and a number of white fish, such as: Barramundi catfish cod flounder haddock […]

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Getting to Know Your Fish Market


In the old days, people knew people. They befriended local vendors and could rely on them for the inside scoop and high-quality services. That idea of having a preferred provider is less common now. Sure, you still have *your* doctor, *your* accountant and *your* mechanic. But what about *your* butcher, *your* greengrocer and *your* fish […]

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Why Buy Fresh Fish?


Freshness matters. Quality matters. You can smell it — the clean, crisp smell of the sea. You can see the beautiful sheen of scales or the rich hue of the thick filet. Most importantly, you can taste the difference when you choose fresh ingredients. Buying fresh seafood matters. Why settle for anything else? Why pay […]

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Five Fish Questions Answered


Sometimes you throw out your nets and pull in a bit of everything. Here are the answers to five fish-related questions you may have. How do I know when my fish is cooked? It should flake easily. On the inside, it shouldn’t look shiny. The Canadian Cooking Method says you should cook 10 minutes per […]

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Eat Light and Have Fun


Fish has long been recommended for the diet-conscious. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Fish is rich in protein and nutrients. Prepared correctly and paired with the right side dishes, you can have an amazing meal that’s good for you too! Bring out the natural flavors. Many types of fish are very flavorful […]

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