Interesting Seafood Facts

Oysters: A Shell Game You Can’t Lose


Oysters have captured the imagination of the world for centuries. They’ve been long recognized as a source of food and pearls and historically have been believed to have aphrodisiacal powers. Any seafood lover worth his or her salt understands that the oyster is the world’s most beloved bi-valve. Here are some fun facts about why […]

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Five Fish Questions Answered


Sometimes you throw out your nets and pull in a bit of everything. Here are the answers to five fish-related questions you may have. How do I know when my fish is cooked? It should flake easily. On the inside, it shouldn’t look shiny. The Canadian Cooking Method says you should cook 10 minutes per […]

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Seafood Etiquette for Beginners


Enjoying seafood is easy. Eating it — especially eating it gracefully — can be more challenging. Try these tips to maintain your poise. Fish If the fish is served whole, remove the head behind the gills, Etiquette Scholar recommends. To fillet and debone the body, hold the trout with a fork and slit from the […]

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The Super Power of Pistol Shrimp


This is mind-blowing:

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