The Art of Cracking & Eating a Lobster


For sheer dining pleasure, few things can compare to fresh steamed lobster. But the savory crustacean sitting on your plate can present a challenge for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of cracking and eating a lobster. Here’s how to enjoy one of the sea’s most sought-after delicacies without making a mess of yourself […]

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Interesting Seafood Facts


Lobsters take four to sevens to grow to one pound. The biggest lobster ever recorded weighed 44 pounds and stretched to 41 inches. A lobster’s brain is in its throat, its belly houses its nervous system, it listens with its legs, tastes with its feet, has teeth in its stomach, and kidneys in its head. […]

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Only the Best Seafood for Your Guests


When you’re cooking to impress, you have to break out the seafood. Romantic dinners for two, special celebration and holiday feasts are golden opportunities to purchase and prepare some truly high-quality catches. You’ll want big, bountiful lobsters — a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Don’t be squeamish about purchasing more than […]

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Seafood Etiquette for Beginners


Enjoying seafood is easy. Eating it — especially eating it gracefully — can be more challenging. Try these tips to maintain your poise. Fish If the fish is served whole, remove the head behind the gills, Etiquette Scholar recommends. To fillet and debone the body, hold the trout with a fork and slit from the […]

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A Foolproof Valentine’s Day Package from Atlantic Seafood, Ashleigh’s Garden, and Dagmar’s Desserts


Ready to get some lovin’?

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