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Catfish: Where Ugly Is Only Skin Deep


By LINDA GIUCA, Special to The CourantThe Hartford Courant2:01 p.m. EDT, June 28, 2011 When James Varano opened Black-eyed Sally’s in Hartford 16 years ago, the Cajun and barbecue menu called out for catfish, a staple of Southern cooking. What Varano didn’t anticipate was the reaction of local food suppliers when he tried to order it. […]

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The Perfect Seafood Appetizers


While fish could be the star of any meal, it can also be an excellent starter. Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook sells delicious side dishes for tonight’s dinner or any special occasion. Atlantic Seafood Market sells baked crab dip, croquettes, herring in wine and cream sauce, scallops in bacon, smoked fish, smoked fish pates […]

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That One Extra Step to Great-Tasting Fish


Sometimes just a little bit more effort and planning makes a world of difference. Many seafood recipes are like that; just a little bit more work on your part can taste like night and day. Using high quality fish helps. Buying a great fish fillet—without pesticides, growth hormones, added color or preservatives—may taste differently to […]

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Cooking Up Crab


Crab meat is always a treat whether by itself or elegantly prepared. You can pick up all of the crab meat you need at Atlantic Seafood Market. Here’s a great recipe for Imperial Crab that’s sure to hit the spot. Imperial Crab Serves 8 Ingredients: 2 pounds crabmeat 1/2 cup mayonnaise 2 teaspoons chopped pimiento […]

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Inventive Ways to Cook Fish


Some recipes call for you to look beyond the pan when cooking your fish. Here are a few ideas for your next meal. Putting fish in parchment paper traps all of the steam and juices. You can bake or grill fish this way. Some fish to use are salmon, tilapia and sea bass. Not only […]

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