Sushi vs. Sashimi


Quick, what’s the difference between sushi and sashimi? Don’t stress if you don’t know.  You’re about to find out. Sushi is technically the rice and vinegar combination served with finger-sized portions of sliced, raw seafood.  Sushi is often a work of art as much as a food. What most of us generically call sushi is […]

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Interesting Seafood Facts


Lobsters take four to sevens to grow to one pound. The biggest lobster ever recorded weighed 44 pounds and stretched to 41 inches. A lobster’s brain is in its throat, its belly houses its nervous system, it listens with its legs, tastes with its feet, has teeth in its stomach, and kidneys in its head. […]

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Amazing Benefits of Fish


You know fish is good for you. But did you know how good? High-quality fish, like we sell at Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, are filled with healthy vitamins, minerals and essential oils to keep you running strong. We sell salmon and a number of white fish, such as: Barramundi catfish cod flounder haddock […]

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The Perfect Seafood Appetizers


While fish could be the star of any meal, it can also be an excellent starter. Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook sells delicious side dishes for tonight’s dinner or any special occasion. Atlantic Seafood Market sells baked crab dip, croquettes, herring in wine and cream sauce, scallops in bacon, smoked fish, smoked fish pates […]

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Think Outside the Cocktail


Shrimp is great, but don’t limit yourself to only shrimp cocktails. Shrimp is surprisingly versatile and shows up in many delicious dishes. Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook sells shrimp and garlic ravoli, shrimp and scallop pie, stuffed jumbo shrimp, shrimp bisque and dill shrimp salad. You can experiment with countless dishes at home after […]

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