Side Dishes

That One Extra Step to Great-Tasting Fish


Sometimes just a little bit more effort and planning makes a world of difference. Many seafood recipes are like that; just a little bit more work on your part can taste like night and day. Using high quality fish helps. Buying a great fish fillet—without pesticides, growth hormones, added color or preservatives—may taste differently to […]

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Think Outside the Cocktail


Shrimp is great, but don’t limit yourself to only shrimp cocktails. Shrimp is surprisingly versatile and shows up in many delicious dishes. Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook sells shrimp and garlic ravoli, shrimp and scallop pie, stuffed jumbo shrimp, shrimp bisque and dill shrimp salad. You can experiment with countless dishes at home after […]

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What Foods Go With Fish?


A great piece of fish can stand alone, but why let it? There are loads of delicious sides that turn that tasty morsel into an all-out meal. The trick is knowing what goes with it. The answer: almost everything. Don’t be afraid to pair your seafood with hearty starches such as potatoes or pasta. Baked […]

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Fruits and Vegetables of the Sea?


Fish dishes can be anything but boring. A great way to add fresh flavor to your fish is to add fruit. If it sounds strange, consider this: fish and fruit go together in many international cuisines. On top of that, both are healthy for you. Citrus is a great first step for those who want […]

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New York Times Review of Atlantic Seafood


By CHRISTOPHER BROOKS Published: July 29, 2007 Read the Review on New York Times Here YOU won’t find the world’s largest selection of fish at Atlantic Seafood, but it does carry just about everything required for an old fashioned clambake — except the sandpit and logs for a fire. To find fish any fresher, you’d […]

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